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What conditions can be treated via an online doctor?

conditions online doctors can treat

Most… but not all.  Online doctors are the same as in-office doctors you visit. They are covered by the same laws and rules governing the practice of medicine. The former may be subjected to further limitations than when they practice…

The 20 Best Telehealth Companies in 2023

telehealth companies

Telehealth and telemedicine have been used interchangeably by users and clients across the state. They don’t differ greatly from one another. Only that telehealth is broader in scope because it also includes non-clinical training, education, and administration services.  However you…

The 14 Best Online Doctors in 2023

online doctors

Telemedicine is the practice of medicine done remotely by healthcare providers. It is the combination of modern communication technology and medicine that enables medical experts and patients to have a consultation without being in the same physical room. It is…