The 14 Best Online Doctors in 2023

Telemedicine is the practice of medicine done remotely by healthcare providers. It is the combination of modern communication technology and medicine that enables medical experts and patients to have a consultation without being in the same physical room.

It is not an entirely new concept as it has been around since the 1950s, giving clients more access to healthcare than ever before. The sectors which mostly benefited from it in the early days were the aged, disabled, and those residing in far-flung areas; therefore, they could have their check-ups done in the safety and convenience of their home. Now, almost everyone in society from different walks of life and background avails medical professionals virtually through telemedicine.

How Exactly Do Online Doctors Work?

Quite simple. The patient relays their medical concern to the medical professional through various channels: official telemedicine websites, video conferencing, messaging, e-mail, or a mobile app. It’s easy, convenient, and hassle-free! No more driving to your doctor’s office, sitting and waiting all day, and missing work or school. No month-long appointment periods. Everything can be done just by scrolling, swiping, and clicking buttons on your laptop or mobile phone. 

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Consulting with your online doctor involves store and forward (SAF), interactive telemedicine, or remote patient monitoring. Through SAF, you can always send your concerns to a board-certified physician regardless of time and location, and they will attend to your consultation within a set period. 

If your medical case requires a specialist in a certain field of medicine, the primary care physician can simply forward your file. You no longer have to visit several doctors to determine the best physician for you. All your medical information is recorded and organized in a single file so that all your doctors can easily and effectively manage your medical care.

Interactive telemedicine is the one that is most similar to a face-to-face in-person consultation with your doctor. Under this type of telemedicine, the client interacts with the physician through teleconferencing applications or phone and mobile devices. The client or customer instantly gets answers from the assigned online doctor during their scheduled appointment. 

Under remote patient monitoring, the patient’s vital statistics and other medical results can be monitored online by telemedicine providers using various devices. The results are automatically transmitted and recorded in the patient’s file with the provider. This way, there are no delays in the transmission of results, and the corresponding treatment can be given, or the existing one can be updated according to the patient’s needs.

More people, particularly the aged and disabled who are stuck at home, are gaining access to online doctor services previously beyond their reach. You also get to save on expenses such as travel and parking on the day of your doctor’s visit. Clinics are also packed with people with contagious illnesses, and choosing the telemedicine platform decreases your risk of exposure and acquiring them. As it is in traditional doctor visits, you’ll find that your medical records are well organized and complete in one file. 

Online Doctors and the Pandemic

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Online doctor services have been around for quite a while, but clearly, the pandemic magnifies the vital role of telemedicine. Online doctors help reduce people’s exposure to the virus while also allowing non-pandemic related illnesses to be still checked, diagnosed, and treated efficiently and without delay.

As a result, telemedicine is rising more rapidly today than expected, as reflected in these latest news articles:

  • Health Care After Covid: The Rise of Telemedicine highlights how telemedicine soared to 4000% during the pandemic by providing access to health care services amid social distancing and quarantine protocols.
  • What’s on the Horizon for 2021? explains how telehealth services expanded by making 144 additions to the types of services being offered. Recently, 59 more services made it to the list, including physical therapy, neonatal care, and emergency department visits. 
  • Where Telehealth Is Headed In 2021 talks about how the U.S. Health and Human Services relaxed regulations and limitations against telehealth and telemedicine platforms. 
  • 8 Observations on Telehealth Heading into 2021 details how telemedicine became a lifeline for many health systems by ensuring healthcare delivery—all while allowing professionals to keep their jobs. The demand for gadgets and devices used for telemedicine consultations increased, causing backorders. Artificial intelligence has been the one holding the telehealth system together, allowing it to meet the millions of demands for this service. 

Due to the increase of people who have shifted to telemedicine, the industry had to cope with the dramatic increase in telemedicine health professionals and care. Online doctors started emerging from different states offering various fields of specialization in medicine.

With the growing number of providers, you might get overwhelmed and confused about which one to choose among the hundreds and thousands of websites that pop up on the results when you enter keywords related to online doctors and telemedicine. 

Choosing the right and best online doctors can be easy and successful if you know how and where to look!

Methodology: How The Best Online Doctors in 2021 Were Chosen

Know the best online doctors and providers to not only get your money’s worth but also have your needs addressed! 

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Research is key! But we know that reading through the numerous websites, articles, client feedback, and news on telemedicine providers can be quite daunting. Well, we’ve got you covered! We rounded up the Best Online Doctors in 2021 that all share the salient features in providing excellent and patient-recommended primary care services. 

  • Accessibility and Convenience: A client or patient consults through telemedicine primarily because of its accessibility. Whether they have websites, e-mails, applications compatible with Android and iOS, social media handles in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others was the primary consideration for this criterion.
  • Availability: This refers to how they make themselves available to their clients – if weekdays or daytime only, 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year including holidays, or if scheduled interactions only. The waiting period or response time was also given weight. 
  • Client feedback: The very important aspect to consider is the client or customers. They exist for them and continue to exist because of them. Positive feedback helps determine future clients’ expectations. All client feedback are sourced from the official website, or as indicated.
  • Services offered and illnesses covered: The more services they offer, the better. Clients would no longer have to look elsewhere, which could build loyalty. The illnesses covered or the subject of care, the products offered, if any, and other complementary services such as direct e-prescription, free shipping, and such. 
  • Information security: One’s health status is not everyone’s concern. HIPAA compliance is the standard for information security, and telemedicine platforms that comply with it are sent to the top of the list. 
  • Medical practitioners’ credentials: As it should, people who address your medical concerns should be knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed by law to do so.
  • Standout Feature: This was added to see whether telemedicine providers are stepping up their game by providing new and outstanding features unique and different from the rest. 

As we focus on providers to clients and patients nationwide, local online doctors with state-limited services are excluded from this list.


Telemedicine sites specialize in a certain medical field or offer the best service for that category only over others available on their site. But some offer an overall outstanding telemedicine service regardless of the field of specialization handled or used for the consultation! These sites will also give you your money’s worth, keep your information safe in terms of site and app security, and give you multiple ways to access them to get treated by the best-certified experts.  

Our Top Choice:


“Your Personal Doctor, Online”
SteadyMD Logo

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Fee: Flat Monthly Insurance Co-pay of $99; No additional and hidden charges
Insurance Accepted: Yes
Information confidentiality: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant
Accessibility: Text, call, and video; Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
Availability: 1-2 days waiting period before the initial appointment; 24/7 after that through text; Same day appointment for call and video appointment
Physician Credentials: Board-certified physicians

Standout Feature: 

Personalized Quality Care: Doctors at SteadyMD are like your friend who takes their time to get to know you deeper across all aspects of your life. They don’t only limit their concern to your medical background but include your overall lifestyle, goals, and habits. Your treatment plan is patterned to these factors. It is sure to be the best course to take. 

Why SteadyMD?Things to Consider
Available for anyone in all 50 statesDoes not prescribe specific controlled substances
Holistic approach
Focuses on long-term health
Covers preventive care
Complete and organized medical file

At SteadyMD, their primary goal is to match you with a licensed physician who would be able to give you time and attention to listen to your medical concern and get to know you. To be matched with a personal doctor who gets you, you have to take a quiz and create an account on their site. They do not only analyze your profile based on your medical background alone but includes a holistic matching process in terms of your family, hobbies, goals, passions, and life in general – whether you’re a mother, a dog lover, your sleeping pattern, or physical activity along with many other factors. To complete their files, they would even go as far as retrieving your past medical records from your previous doctors and medical facilities you have visited or have been admitted to. 

You only have to wait a maximum of 2 days for your initial visit, which is still a lot shorter waiting period compared to in-office and other online visits. After your initial visit, you can talk to your doctor anytime and any day. Your match doctor is available through text, call, or video chat, depending on your preference for communicating with him or her. A call and video appointment can be scheduled on the same day. 

Unlike in a traditional visit to the doctor’s office or clinic where you spend more than half of your time in the waiting room only to have your consultation done in less than 15 minutes, doctors at SteadyMD doesn’t have to meet a quota and only caters to a limited number of patients on a per-day basis. You can spend up to 1 hour with your matched doctor for the first visit via two-way video conference. They would also initiate the communication whenever necessary. This is the reason why you can be sure that you will be given more than enough time and treated properly because their physicians are not in a rush but are always fully present and engaged in your consultation. 

Each doctor has their specialization and focus areas categorized into three: medical conditions, lifestyle, and dietary. Whether you have concerns about your blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, nutrition, or want advice regarding physical activities like cycling or weightlifting. You can depend on SteadyMD to provide you with quality health care. According to their assessment, if you need to be seen by a doctor in person, they will refer and assist you to a local specialist, testing and, health care facility. If your medical case is rare or difficult to diagnose, they will consult with a panel of specialists to give you a well-researched diagnosis and treatment plan.  

They don’t only treat immediate and present symptoms but deals with the root cause. They may even detect something minor at the moment, which may cause major problems in the end. They will help you prevent that major problem from happening. Other than those mentioned, they also cater to various illnesses, diseases, and lifestyle changes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Women’s Health: Premenstrual Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infection, Menopause, Family Planning, Preconception and Prenatal Counseling, Vaginal and Yeast Infections, and Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Men’s Health: Sexual Dysfunction, Acne, and Hair Loss
  • Chronic Conditions: Allergies, Cholesterol, Hashimoto’s, and Stress Management
  • Preventative Medicine: Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss Counseling, Smoking Cessation, and Mood Disorder Screening
  • Urgent Care: Bruises, Sprains, Migraines, Skin Conditions, Sports Injuries, Colds, Coughs, Sinus Infections, Influenza, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia
  • Labs and Screenings: Fatigue, Cardiovascular, Hormones, Fertility, Abdominal Pain, Anemia, and Gut Bacteria

Vitals such as your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight can be seen and monitored by your doctor daily through connected devices like Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, and MyFitnessPal. This way, your doctor can develop a plan to manage your medical concern and overall health. Your prescriptions may be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice at no additional cost! Although they don’t prescribe controlled substances such as narcotics and opioids, they can help you coordinate with a licensed specialist just for that purpose. 

Client Feedback:

Stephanie: “SteadyMD allows you to avoid the co-pays & inconvenience of going to your doctor’s or pediatrician’s office – I can’t recommend it enough!”

Rory: “SteadyMD has given me a partner in my ongoing healthcare. It’s a huge relief not to have to figure out seeing a new doctor any time I get sick or need a consult.”

SteadyMD has also been featured on various platforms like Men’sHealth, CNBC, Forbes, Wellness Mama, and others.



“Healthcare that makes you smile.”
PlushCare Logo

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Fee: $14.99 monthly or $99 annual membership plus co-pay or $99 for the first visit
Insurance Accepted: Yes, including Aetna, Anthem BlueCross, Cigna, and Humana
Information confidentiality: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant
Accessibility: Downloadable App on both Google Play and App Store; Follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
Availability: 24/7 messaging through the App
Physician Credentials: the U.S. licensed medical doctors

Standout Feature: 

Select PCP Option:  On their App, under the “My Health” tab, you are presented with a list of their board-certified physicians and their corresponding specialties, experience, availability, and even the languages they speak. This option allows you to choose the primary care physician who will attend to your medical concern with whom you feel most comfortable. You can change your PCP at any time.

Why PlushCare?Things to Consider
Has a Prescription Delivery ProgramDoes not prescribe any form of controlled substances
Has an exclusive Prescription Discount CardLimited area coverage for specific services like therapy
Refundable payment if a case requires an in-person examination
Offers a 30-day free trial
Issues doctor’s notes for work and school
Same-day Appointment Booking

At PlushCare, you receive quality medical care from doctors who hail from the top 50 medical schools in the country with a collective experience of 15 years! You no longer waste time checking if the online physician who sees you is licensed or knowledgeable enough to handle your medical concern. 

The whole process – from booking an appointment, online consultation, medicine prescribing, payment, and aftercare – is flawless and hassle-free because their system is integrated with third-party labs, pharmacies, and major insurers. Everything flows smoothly from your doctor to laboratories, to pharmacies, and your insurance company. They can exchange information electronically, securely, and swiftly for your convenience. If you are not sure about committing just yet, you don’t have to worry because they have a 30-day free trial for first-time clients. Cancellation of the free trial will not entitle you to another free period if you decide to return. 

Some of the medical conditions they diagnose and treat are mainly chronic and require urgent care from head to toe. These medical conditions range from minor to major ones like flu, cold, headache, hair loss, tonsillitis, acne, birth control, bronchitis, Type II Diabetes – whether controlled or uncontrolled, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, asthma, ear pain, vaginitis, diarrhea, dental infection, and many others. 

Aside from treating the aforementioned medical conditions, PlushCare also offers therapy sessions to non-minor individuals only four times a month, as included in the subscription. They offer emotional support and talk therapy for individuals who experience anxiety, stress, loss, depression, low self-esteem, mood swings, seasonal affective disorder, and life transitions. However, their therapy program is only currently available in 7 states: Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey for $33 per 45-minute session for the first month. Unfortunately, they do not cater to couples or families for therapy and cannot diagnose specific conditions like ADHD. They have a free 15-minute consultation, which you can book beforehand through phone or e-mail. Go for a trial period before fully subscribing.

Under their Prescription Delivery Program, you can subscribe to a 90-day prescription to be delivered to your chosen pharmacy as long as it is not a controlled substance. For Gabapentin, you need to present an identification card and fill up an agreement before the same could be prescribed to you. However, they strictly do not prescribe Adderall, Xanax, or Ativan since they are considered controlled substances. If you are subscribed to this program, you no longer have to pay every time you ask for a refill or need a follow-up check-up within 90 days. 

In addition to the said program, they also have a Prescription Discount Card on the App, which is one of the benefits of being a PlushCare member. You can avail yourself of up to 80% discount on medications nationwide in select pharmacies like Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and other 50,000 major pharmacies in the country. If you refer another client or patient via the PlushCare referral program, you can receive a one-month free membership. Veterans and individuals who are active in the military at the moment only have to pay the special rate of $49 instead of $99 upon presentation of a military ID. 

At your request, your physician can also prepare your Disability forms, FMLA forms, Handicap, or DMV card whenever necessary and after proper assessment. Tell your doctor beforehand so that additional tests could be requested and in-depth examinations can be performed.

Client Feedback:

A client, Jenny W. from Durham, North Carolina, booked an appointment to have her prescriptions for her chronic condition refilled or changed. She said that the process was seamless. After the doctor reviewed her lab results, the latter wrote her a new prescription and ordered new labwork, which according to her, was “extremely affordable without insurance.” She would use this service again, she said. 

Patrick S. from Alpharetta, Georgia, said, “This is so easy and quick…I pulled over on my way to a meeting to video chat with a doctor. He was attentive, kind, and efficient…The call took less than 10 mins. The prescription was at the pharmacy later that day. I will be a client for a long time.”


Choosing the best pediatric online doctor is usually entirely the parent’s decision, and in doing so, your child’s needs must always come first!

Our Top Choice:

Anytime Pediatrics

“The First and Only Pediatric Telemedicine Solution”
Anytime Pediatrics Logo

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Fee: Flat fee of $50
Insurance Accepted? Yes
Data confidentiality: Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Accessibility: Website; App – Available on both Google Play and App Store.
Physician Credentials: Board-certified; State-licensed

Standout Features: 

  • Exclusivity to Pediatrics: Parents can be sure that their children are getting the proper care and treatment suited for their age through specialized consultations.
  • Network-building: Parents and children can still maintain their relationship with their regular pediatrician. Patients’ medical records are synchronized for every visit regardless of who the partner pediatrician they consulted with. This way, every note, result, finding, prescription, and treatment are organized, and the child’s medical history is well-recorded.
Why Anytime Pediatrics?Things to Consider
Exclusively for pediatric casesLimited to non-emergency medical cases
Prescription is electronically transmitted to your pharmacy of choiceInsurance claims may take some time to process
Synced notes with your regular pediatrician
Fosters relationships with trusted local networks
Issues a doctor’s note for school or work
User-friendly website and app
Charges apply only upon complete visitation
Visits can be scheduled or on-demand “walk-in.”

Anytime Pediatrics’ mission is to strengthen relationships between patient and physician and between physicians and elevate pediatric care by advancing innovation. It was founded by Mick Connors, MD, who has had years of experience as an E.R. physician specializing in pediatrics.

Their main and only focus is children – how pediatric care can be delivered to them both in the actual and virtual set-up. The exclusivity of their service is essential because children require a different examination and prescriptions than adults. The service they offer is unlike what most other telemedicine providers can give to their clients. They customize and work around your existing visit workflows to maximize your consultation so that you receive the kind of treatment and service you truly deserve. 

All board-certified pediatricians can join and be a member of the Anytime Pediatrics community, which means there is likely a high chance to teach your children’s pediatrician through their applications. Tool kits and marketing support are well provided for by the company, so both patient and physician need not worry about anything else but the consultation.  

They attend to children from 0 up to 21 years old. Generally, they cater to non-emergency medical conditions like skin rashes, cuts and abrasions, pink eye, allergies, insect bites, cough, cold, flu, fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, breathing, and respiratory issues, along with other minor illnesses and concerns that won’t require immediate emergency attention. Consulting through Anytime Pediatrics could save you a trip to the doctor’s office or emergency room, you would have taken if you don’t have a medical expert to guide you through video conference. 

Patients register for services at no charge, complete the child’s profile indicating current medical conditions, prescribed medications, allergies, and specific concerns. During the video visit, you will be given the corresponding treatment and prescription, or if an actual visit to the doctor’s office is necessary, you will be advised accordingly. Electronic prescriptions are also provided and sent directly to your chosen pharmacy.

Client Feedback:

“It was nice not to bring my three kids to the E.R. late at night. The doctor was wonderful. He even followed up with me.”

“This was so much better than going to the E.R. The on-call nurse said we needed to be seen, but we weren’t sure. You put us at ease.”



“Best Doctor Consultation & Second Opinion Platform in the World”
Doctor Spring Logo

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Fee: $35
Insurance Accepted: No
Information Confidentiality: Industry-standard security practices
Accessibility: Website and e-mail; one-month consultation validity
Physician Credentials: Board-certified, credentialed specialists, family physicians; State-licensed physicians with qualifying degrees

Standout Features: 

  • No waiting period: Upon submission, you are already considered a client, and you can be sure that you will get answers to your questions in a matter of hours or a few days, depending on your case. No need to set an appointment.
  • Unlimited one-month consult: You are free to ask further questions and clarifications regarding your concern about your child’s health for one month. 
Why DoctorSpring?Things to Consider
Free follow-ups and consult for one monthNo rush and emergency consultations
Money-back guaranteeDoes not issue prescriptions
Tested and proven board-certified pediatriciansNot covered by insurance
You don’t have to set an appointment

If you are looking for consultation beyond your child’s ordinary illnesses and health concerns, you should visit DoctorSpring. From bedwetting, skin disorders, allergies, childhood asthma, vaccination issues, height growth, to congenital diseases, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other health and developmental problems, you can consult and ask for a second opinion with the board-certified pediatricians at DoctorSpring about your child’s laboratory results, diagnosis, and for other possible treatment options.

You simply send your query and provide your e-mail address on their website. You may also pick a specialist for yourself or have their in-house physicians assign a pediatrician to answer your medical concern. 

DoctorSpring is not just a platform for pediatricians and other doctors where they can apply for membership. Medical experts and professionals who want to join the team must undergo a rigorous application process and background check before they can be members. 

You get your online doctor’s recommendations for the regular, non-life-threatening cases in a few hours. However, if your child’s medical case requires a second opinion or if the subject of your consultation is a complex and rare pediatric illness, you may have to wait a bit longer. Every inquiry is subjected to research to give you the best possible advice and treatment.

DoctorSpring offers free follow-ups for a full month as long as it concerns the same case. They offer this extension period if you are still awaiting your child’s laboratory results to get a more detailed look at your concern.

DoctorSpring does not fully accommodate physical check-ups, medico-legal, or prescription needs, subject to the limitations set forth by the law. You can openly discuss any advice, suggestion, or information from your doctor during a physical visit. 

Client Feedback:

“I will be using DoctorSpring again. I found the doctor who handled my question to be professional and pleasant, responding quickly to my issue.”

“Very knowledgeable, helpful, and I received prompt responses to my initial and follow-up questions. I’ll use this service again.” 

“DoctorSpring was excellent in answering my medical questions. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone who has any medical questions. The service is outstanding and affordable.”


Men are sometimes reluctant to seek medical help regarding their manhood, especially when it requires an actual visit to a specialist’s clinic. A survey showed that 61% of men refused to see a doctor even in necessary situations. More than half of the participants chose not to reveal their conditions or illnesses to anyone. Aside from that, medications for reproductive disorders are expensive and are usually not covered by insurance in the United States, resulting in the undertreatment of medical conditions under this category. 

Here are two of the best men’s health telemedicine providers:

Our Top Choice


“Men’s healthcare, without the waiting rooms.”
Roman Logo

Image Source

Fee: $15
Insurance Accepted: No
Information confidentiality: Company’s Privacy Policy, CCPA
Accessibility: Website; e-mail at; tel:(424) 347-6299; phone or video chat
Availability: Website and e-mail – 24/7; (Office) Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 9 PM EST; 
Physician Credentials: US-licensed healthcare professionals – physicians and nurse practitioners

Standout Features: 

  • Free scheduled discreet medication deliveries: You won’t have to go to your local pharmacy or have a fear of being judged by the medications you buy because Roman will handle everything for you.
  • Free 2-day shipping of prescribed medicines (as applicable) in discreet packaging.
Why Roman?Things to Consider
Free online visitNot covered by insurance
Unlimited follow-upsUnavailable in other states
Issues prescriptionsRequires prior doctor’s visit within three years to receive treatment on their platform
Contact-free and free 2-day shippingPrescription products are non-refundable 
Discounted first orders
Discreet and scheduled deliveries
No hidden fees
No need to go to the pharmacy
Practices “off-label” prescribing

At Roman, you can expect a response from their online doctors within 24 hours upon submitting your information and medical history. The $15 visit fee is refundable if you do not qualify for a telemedicine consultation upon reviewing healthcare professional. However, all purchases of medications and prescriptions are final and non-refundable. 

The medical advisors and network of physicians at Roman’s will provide you with a confidential and discreet way of addressing your sex-related health concerns. They have treatments paired with ongoing care for cold sores, genital herpes, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. As they say at Roman, “A healthy life includes a healthy sex life.” Have yourself checked when you feel any symptoms. 

The online doctors at Roman recommend patients to undergo tests to determine the underlying conditions causing the dysfunction. Roman also addresses premature ejaculation.

Roman online doctors also offer treatments for dandruff, eczema, hair loss, and hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. For hair loss, the treatment period using Finasteride and minoxidil would usually take 3 to 4 months. Such products and similar others are backed by research and science to help patients deal with or combat allergies, weight management, stress, and smoking habits, as well as promote prostate health and testosterone support. 

Roman handles everything for their clients, from consultation, evaluation, follow-ups to scheduled deliveries. That way, you will have no fear of running out of your medications. They will address ongoing care questions regarding the need to update your treatment, manage side effects, or any other concerns you have. For Roman, continuous care is essential to achieve the results. If you are not satisfied with the  treatment or service, you are free to cancel at any time. 

Medications provided by Roman come in individual pricing or a month to three months-worth through the Ro Pharmacy. The three month-bundles are priced relatively lower than the individual or one-month medications. You can let them know if you have budget constraints for your treatment, and they will adjust them accordingly. 

To get a picture of how vast Roman’s network is, here’s a list of organizations and companies they are collaborating with:

Client Feedback:

“This literally saved my marriage. Thank you so much.”

“Thanks again for helping those of us who have suffered so long in silence.”

“Everyone has been great and super helpful, thank you for making this normally sensitive topic comfortable and providing the help and support I needed.”



“Prevention is more effective than denial.”
Hims Logo

Image Source

Fee: $39
Insurance Accepted: No
Information confidentiality: California’s California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Medical Group Notice of Privacy Practices
Accessibility: Website; Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube 
Physician Credentials: US-licensed healthcare providers

Standout Features: 

  • Money-back guarantee: What sets Hims apart from others is that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • 100% online Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) treatment: Get treated and feel more confident without having to leave the comforts of your home. 
Why Hims?Things to Consider
Affordable FDA-approved prescriptions and productsDoes not cover emergency health issues
Direct prescription to a chosen local pharmacyNot covered by insurance
Free first visit
Free shipping

Serving patients in Washington DC and everywhere in the U.S, Hims aims to build an empowered male culture that is open to preventative self-care. The company underscores the importance of prevention and acknowledging the medical situation for it to be properly addressed. 

Hims addresses various conditions, ranging from a simple hair loss and skincare problem to a major medical concern like erectile dysfunction, anxiety, and depression. Their website’s original and primary subject, which is men’s health, is divided into four categories: hair, sex, skin, and mental health. 

Did you know that in the U.S., 50 million men experience hair loss? You will be asked to describe your hair condition for hair concerns, and typically, patients experience thinning at the crown, a receding hairline, or an overall hair loss or thinning hair. The experts also ask you about your results: regrowth, prevention, or both. 

They also offer a variety of products such as the Hair Power Pack, particularly Finasteride, along with other essential hair growth products like Biotin, Minoxidil, and their own Thick Fix Shampoo and Conditioner. Prices of their products range from $16 to $30.

When it comes to treating sex-related medical conditions, especially erectile dysfunction, Hims can treat you without you having to leave your home. The prescription pills and other products are FDA-approved. The prescribed medications can be delivered in discreet packaging right to your doorstep. 

Hims’ approach to men’s mental health is holistic. It includes psychiatry evaluation and medication, anonymous support groups, individual therapy, and recorded resources and content accessible on the platform. 

Hims recently included primary care and now accept consultations for 30 medical conditions that include the common ones like cold, flu, respiratory infections, allergies, and other skin and fungal conditions like jock itch. The inclusion of medical concerns regarding acid reflux and stomach illnesses is now in the works.

Patients get primary care services from Hims within 24 hours of submitting the online form. Provide basic information to proceed with the free visit. If you don’t like the treatment program, they guarantee a 90-day money-back period. 

Client Feedback:

“I tried everything from pills to topicals and Vitamins before but continued to lose my hair. Hims was the only thing that worked, and it was so easy to set up online!”

“I’m more confident, happier and it has brought back a dynamic to my marriage that             makes planning date nights exciting again.”


Many women’s medical conditions are neglected because they don’t always find the time to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist or other specialists. With telemedicine providing an easy, accessible, and convenient platform for them, they can now stop putting their health on hold and finally see a health professional whenever and wherever.

With the number of telemedicine sites specializing in women’s health, you might consume all your free time choosing between them. You can check out Maven and MeMD for a start. 

Our top choice:


“The next generation of care for women and families.”
Maven Logo

Image Source

Fee: Pay-per-video basis; Free if paid by an employer 
Insurance Accepted: Limited
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant and Maven Privacy Policy
Accessibility: Available on App Store and Google Play; Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn; video chat and messaging 
Physician Credentials: OB-GYNs, midwives, doulas, pregnancy specialists, prenatal nutritionists, postpartum specialists, nurse practitioners, developmental psychologists, mental health providers, lactation consultants, sleep coaches, and many more

Standout Feature: 

  • All-encompassing: Comprehensive health programs that focus on women while including other family members in the treatment plan regardless of age, sex, and family orientation.
Why Maven?Things to Consider
Holistic individual and family careMore services are offered if you have an employer-sponsored health plan.
Ideal for those who are planning to start a family or is already raising one
Caters to both employer and employee needs
Multi-awarded platform
Covers a wide array of programs for all members of the family regardless of sex

Upon signing up with Maven, you will have a designated Care Advocate who will help customize your plan and guide you on using Maven. The MD-approved content that appears on your app feed is specially organized to address your need. 

Although Maven focuses primarily on women’s health, they understand that it includes the entire family’s health. Their health, including their behavioral practices, is integrated into the treatment plan like sleeping patterns, work, and lifestyle of each member. It’s not just for the traditional family. They also accommodate same-sex couples who wish to have children. 

Maven is not just for an individual’s need. They also provide health plans which employers and companies can utilize for their employees. The programs offered on this platform through your employer include:

  • Family planning – Under this program, you will not only receive advice as to how far apart your pregnancies should be. Experts likewise provide mental health support in the field to guide you on this life-changing decision. 
  • Fertility – They will explain your choices, give you the emotional support you need, and then refer you to a clinic if you are ready to pursue intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). 
  • Egg Freezing – Also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is meant for women who want to preserve their ability to reproduce by extracting eggs and freezing them for future use. 
  • Adoption – They also assist in the adoption process until the child is finally at their new home with the adoptive parents. 
  • Surrogacy – Maven will help you find a healthy and suitable surrogate mother. 
  • Maternity – This is an all-inclusive program where support is provided throughout the entire pregnancy, including postpartum, the transition from work to maternity leave and back to work again, and the possibility of miscarriage. 
  • Parenting &Pediatrics – From the time your child reaches one year old until early in his or her adolescence stage, you can depend on them to teach you through your way to effective parenting. 
  • Breast Milk Shipping – If you are a breastfeeding mother who has to be away from your child for a certain period, you can avail of their shipping services to ensure that your breastmilk is still in good condition when consumed by your baby. 

Through Maven professionals’ timely intervention and sound advice, 36% of their clients were able to avoid going to the ER or the doctor’s office for medical conditions that can be treated through telemedicine. 

Client Feedback:

“Maven has offered so many resources to both mothers and fathers—before they go out on leave, while they’re out, and when they come back.”

“You can be a same-sex couple; you can do surrogacy or adoption; your husband can use it; your spouse at home can use it—it’s very inclusive, and it’s also global.”

NOTE: Specific testimonies on safe labor and delivery for high-risk pregnant women, infertility caused by diabetes, miscarriage, fertility treatments, and coaching with infant sleep are on the website. 



“You know your body, now getting care for it is even easier.”
MeMD Logo

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Fee: Women’s Health visit starts at $67; charges depend on your plan
Insurance Accepted: Flexible Spending Account (FSA), HSA, HRA
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant
Accessibility: Available on App Store and Google Play; Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, phone, video chat, e-mail, messaging
Physician Credentials: U.S board-certified specialists; Licensed medical provider; Medically trained physician assistants and nurse practitioners

Standout Feature:

  • State-of-the-art data security: You can be confident that any information you share with them is kept confidential and secure without the risk of it leaking to third parties. 
Why MeMD?Things to Consider
You can choose the medical providerCannot be your primary care provider. A little more expensive than other platforms
Forwards electronic prescription to your local pharmacyPatients should be at least 18 years of age
Accommodates a wide range of women-related medical conditions
Secure information sharing system

In the U.S., the average waiting period to book an appointment in family medicine is 29.3 days. With MeMD, appointments, waiting rooms, and embarrassing sensitive conversations are a thing of the past! You have to request a visit, speak with your chosen doctor, get treated, and pick up prescribed medications at the local pharmacy. Medical notes are downloadable and printable so that they can be easily shared with your regular physician.

If your concern is about security, you must know that any information you share is protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol similar to banks, and the company is compliant with the HIPAA. 

Following your submission of the requirements, a duly licensed physician in your state will get in touch with you through your chosen platform. You will get a personalized treatment option that may or may not include a prescription. If it does, an electronic copy will be sent to a nearby or chosen pharmacy. The service does not end there. You can still interact with them by signing in on your account or calling them even on weekends and holidays. 

Under the women’s health category, they cater to a variety of illnesses. For example, hair loss is not just prevalent in men as age increases. Women are also noticeably affected by it, and it’s not just the hair on top of their heads they are worried about. Thinning of the eyebrows and the eyelash are also concerns among women of age. But more than men, women are generally more concerned with their skin. Get your customized treatment plans with MeMD when dealing with skin infections, rashes, acne, warts, blackheads, dandruff, and cold sores. 

At MeMD, most of the illnesses they cover concern women’s sexual health. Birth control, yeast infections, incontinence, hot flashes, mastitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, urinary tract infections (UTIs), premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, and pubic lice are some of the sexually-related conditions accommodated by them. You don’t need to wait for an appointment just so medical concerns like these can be addressed. Save in instances where visits to a doctor’s actual clinic are necessary. You will get all you need to be treated by conferencing with their licensed medical providers. 

Treatment is not limited to the physical aspect because every woman’s wellbeing is as important as other medical conditions. MeMD can also help you quit smoking, deal with emotional and mental health, including performance anxiety, and relieve yourself from migraines and restless sleep. 

Appointments may be canceled and full refund obtained as long as the cancellation was made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the corresponding charges will be deducted from your initial payment. The same is true for late and missed appointments. 

Client Feedback:

Customer and patient satisfaction are at 98.8%. 


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five adults in the U.S. has a mental illness that can be classified as either any (AMI) or serious (SMI). That is 20.6% of all adults ages 18 years old and above. Of these, only 44.8% or less sought the help of mental health professionals!

Mental health requires the involvement of a specialist. It is not easy because some require professional help not only for medication but also for keeping track of the treatment progress. Thanks to online doctors, you don’t have to visit your psychologist or psychiatrist’s office every so often.

Our top choice:


“Therapy journey towards a happier, healthier you.”
Talkspace Logo

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Fee: Starts at $260 (Read on to see a more detailed schedule of fees)Insurance Accepted: Yes; Also accommodates Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Saving Account (HSA)
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant
Accessibility: Available on App Store and Google Play
Physician Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselors, Masters of Science, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed and Independent Clinical Social Worker, Doctor of Psychology, Psychologist

Standout Feature: 

  • Different mode and session choices: Not everyone is comfortable speaking their thoughts and emotions and prefer instead to put them into writing or record themselves. Talkspace allows you to send text, voice, or video message whatever you want to discuss. You can also send photos. You also get to choose and change your provider until you find the one you are comfortable and compatible with. 
Why Talkspace?Things to Consider
You get to choose how to express your concernsNot a replacement for in-office therapy
Unlimited Messaging/Chat with Therapist 5 days a weekRequires a monthly subscription
You can choose and change your provider or plan a subscriptionAutomatic monthly billing regardless of completion
Offers discounts for longer subscriptions

If you are dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, relationship issues with family or friends, or LGBT issues, Talkspace is there to listen and talk with you. 

The main role of Talkspace when it comes to discussing one’s mental health and issues is the removal of the stigma in the equation. When you talk to a therapist online, you are free, confident, and comfortable to share your thoughts and feelings without having to think about who you’re going to come across outside the clinic or office. You can also choose between text, audio, or video messages, whichever you are comfortable expressing yourself with. As soon as your profile is reviewed, you will be matched or paired with a compatible provider. If you find that you are not a good fit, you can always change your provider and choose again among those who are considered your match. 

They currently offer the following Unlimited Messaging Therapy plans, which include five weekly sessions of text, audio, and video messaging:

  • Plus – there is no live session included in this plan. You can choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, or biannually at $260, $708, or $1,248, respectively. 
  • Premium – This includes one 30-minute live session per month and costs $316 per month, $852 for three months, and $1,512 for six months.
  • Ultimate – Opt for this plan if you need more real-time interaction with your therapist. It includes four 30-minute long live sessions every month. 

You can save money on a subscription if you choose to commit for longer. The therapist you have chosen or paired with you replies on the days of your scheduled session. If you want more live sessions, you can add as much as you need for $65 every 30 minutes. 

Other programs they offer that have the same inclusions as the Unlimited Messaging Therapy are:

  • Talkspace Couples Therapy – You can either pay per month or quarterly at $396 or $1,068. It is already inclusive of four 30-minute live sessions
  • Talkspace Teens Therapy  –  This caters to ages 13 to 17 years old and is billed monthly at $260. 

Specialized plans and their corresponding rates are:

  • Insomnia Therapy – This program lasts for eight weeks, which costs $520 but is paid monthly at $260.
  • Psychiatry Sessions – Unlike the other plans, this program is charged per session at the rate of $199 for initial consultations and $125 for follow-ups. They also offer bundles with up to 6 sessions, which would save you up to 20% than the regular individual session rate. 

The monthly subscription is a requirement and is billed as such regardless of cancellation, which you can do anytime. If you are overwhelmed or want to take a break from the sessions, you have the option to Pause Therapy.

Client Feedback:

“I have an infant, so the idea of actually going out to therapy was daunting. This is much lower stress for me, and I can check-in whenever works for me.”

“The best option for busy people ever. When time doesn’t allow regular office hours, this is an amazing option.”

“Our experience with couples therapy was great! Loved the convenience of writing whenever we had a chance. Our lives are so busy that I think it’d be nearly impossible to go somewhere.”



“Affordable, private online counselling.”
Better-Help Logo

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Fee: Starts at $60 to $90 per week
Insurance Accepted: No
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant; 256-bit SSL SECURE
Accessibility: Website or mobile app available on Google Play and App Store
Physician Credentials: Licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, and clinical social workers.   

Standout Feature: 

Religion-based counselling or the lack thereof: If you are faithful to your religious beliefs or if you don’t have a religion and do not live a spiritual life, BetterHelp can provide you with tailored counselling that will suit your lifestyle and preference. That way, your mental health issues are addressed without going against your personal beliefs. Everyone is welcome to voice out and express how they truly feel and think to a professional counselor who is open-minded and holds the same beliefs as the client. 

Why BetterHelp?Things to Consider
You can choose: text, phone or videoDoes not accommodate self-harming clients, those with severe mental illnesses, minors, emergencies, court-ordered counseling
You can change counselors if you are not satisfiedNot a substitute for face-to-face therapy
Offers financial aidNo 
Religion-based counselling option available

BetterHelp will ask for information regarding your gender, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, religiosity, counselling history, physical health, eating habits, employment, and initial questions about your mental health and psychological status so you can find the right counselor. Based on the questions, you will see that they have a holistic approach to their client. Whether you are looking for counselling for yourself, couple’s counselling, or teenage counselling for your child, BetterHelp can provide you with professional help. 

They have over 15,000 licensed therapists who can give you the right amount of attention, time, and focus whenever or wherever. Since every counselor on their platform observes their different approaches and specialization, the people behind BetterHelp aims to match you with the one best suited to your needs. If you feel like there has been a mismatch between you and your counselor during the duration of the counseling, you can elect to be re-matched to another counselor. 

After answering all questions, you will create a private client profile.  If you are experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, anger, grief, self-esteem, and relationship issues, BetterHelp will provide you with professional guidance on how to deal with and overcome them. They have undergone a meticulous 4-5 week-long application process to be part of the BetterHelp professionals, including a case study exam and video interview.

Sessions can either be message exchange, live chatting, video conferencing, or through phone calls. In message exchange, you and your counselor will have an exclusive chat room, which would be accessible 24/7, but replies won’t be in real-time, depending on each party’s availability. Live chat sessions are similar to simple message exchange, but both the client and the counselor are online simultaneously, allowing real-time exchange.  For phone sessions and live video sessions, both parties should also be online at a pre-scheduled time. 

Client Feedback:

From the BBB review: “I experienced tremendous growth in my 1+ year with the service, and I would come back again…If you are honest with your therapist, you can see great breakthroughs and tips to learn and grow as a person.”

From reviewopedia: “I feel less stressed, anxious, and depressed. It’s a great option for anyone looking for affordable help!”

From yelp: “BetterHelp has changed my therapy game 100%. Not only is my counselor phenomenal, but I can also message her on my own time…I can sit at home in my sweats, not be embarrassed to cry, and pour my guts out online.”


Whether we like it or not, our face and skin get noticed first! It is the largest organ of the body, which means that it also requires a lot of maintenance. There are trips to the dermatologist that could have been a phone call or a message. Now, all that is possible with teledermatology. Examinations, treatments, and medications are now accessible at your fingertips, and you won’t even have to step out your door. Among all fields available in telemedicine, dermatology is probably one of the most sought after, and it is no wonder that the industry is growing rapidly. To help you not get lost among the hundreds of pages of results, here are two of the most used teledermatology sites nationwide: 

Our top choice:


The dermatology specialty care you need is just a click away.”
MD Live Logo

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Fee: $75 or less depending on your insurance
Insurance Accepted: Yes; HAS and FSA are also accepted payment options
Information confidentiality: HIPAA and HITECH compliant
Accessibility: Website; Available on App Store and Google Play
Physician Credentials: Board-certified dermatologists

Standout Feature: 

  • The largest national network of dermatologists: MDLive partners with DermatologistOnCall, which means, more often than not, you will find your regular dermatologist on their portal. At the same time, you also can seek help from other experts in the field.
Why MDLive?Things to Consider
Free to choose dermatologist among the list of providersPregnant and nursing women are not qualified
Sends electronic prescriptions to your local pharmacyMinors below 18 have to be seen with a parent or must present a guardian consent
No appointment needed
Largest portal of board-certified experts

In less than 24 hours, you can already have an appointment with a board-licensed dermatologist. That’s several folds better than having to wait for a dermatologist appointment in-office. Another plus is you can have your skin checked, diagnosed, and treated wherever you are. Aside from avoiding waiting to be booked for an appointment, you will also no longer have to sit for hours in your doctor’s office. Instead, you sit on your couch within the comforts of your home or office, choose a licensed dermatologist in your state, send a photo and description of your skin condition, wait for a diagnosis and prescription, if any, and pick up the medications from your local pharmacy. 

If you have skin infections, insect bites, cold sores, suspicious spots and moles, acne, eczema, warts, and other abnormal bumps, rashes, rosacea, psoriasis, alopecia, inflamed or enlarged hair follicles, along with other 3,000 medical skin conditions, all you have to do is take a clear picture of your skin and send it to MDLive. They will examine them and ask for additional or clearer pictures if necessary before giving you a well-researched diagnosis and treatment. 

MDLive and DermatologistOnCall have an exclusive partnership that allows patients and clients from both companies to have secure access to licensed and board-certified dermatologists across the state. 

One must keep in mind that not all skin conditions can be treated virtually. If your provider analyzes that your case requires an in-office visit or further tests to be conducted, it is already outside your payment coverage. For other concerns and questions, you can reach their hotline at 1-800-400-MDLIVE anytime. 

Client Feedback:

“1st time using this service and very happy that I did. The doctor I talked with was very knowledgeable and prescribed me the right treatment. I love the fact that I didn’t have to go to an urgent care especially during these days when the covid cases are higher than before.”

Michelle Dewitt: “First time using M.D. Live, and it was fast and easy to use. The doctor called me within 2 minutes of setting up my appointment. Definitely worth it.”

Jennifer W: “Doctor was very kind and compassionate- appointment was easy to make. Great overall experience.”

Marcos Tijerina: “The doctor was very nice, informative, and very clear. I like the fact that I was able to zoom and we did not have to go to the hospital with this pandemic going on. I will use this in the future again.”



“Premier nationwide-network of Online Dermatologists.”
Dermatologist On Call Logo

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Fee: Starts at $75
Insurance Accepted: Yes, but limited
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant
Accessibility: Website; Download app on Google Play and App Store; Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vimeo
Physician Credentials: U.S. board-certified dermatologists

Standout Feature: 

30-day period aftercare: Your consultation with the doctor does not end upon receiving your customized treatment plan. You can keep asking questions and follow-ups to your doctor or simply message them any feedback or comment you have regarding their service and treatment within 30 days, which is counted from when they responded to your submission free of charge.

Why DermatologistOnCall?Things to Consider
Treats nail conditions that are often not included in other platformsLimited insurance coverage but better than those that fully does not accept insurance coverage
Custom treatment planDiscounts cannot be used on top of insurance
Send e-prescription to the pharmacy of your choice
Doctors have undergone photo diagnosis training for more accurate findings

MDLive uses asynchronous check-ups and store-and-forward methods. You don’t have to get booked for an appointment. To begin your consultation, all you must do is create your profile, encoding therein medical history and possible allergies, along with other basic information that will be needed by your doctor. The next step is to upload photos of your medical concern with a detailed description to the doctors at DermatologistOnCall. 

They treat thousands of different kinds of skin, hair, and even nail conditions. The most treated conditions usually include acne, basal cell carcinoma, chronic hives or urticarial, atopic dermatitis, genital herpes or warts, hair loss, impetigo, keratosis pilaris, lice, melanoma, poison ivy, ringworm, scabies, actinic keratosis, cold sores, hyperhidrosis, jock itch, melisma, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, athlete’s foot, moles, shingles, molluscum contagiosum, and squamous cell carcinoma. 

MDLive can give you an initial examination of a suspicious spot, lump, or mole to determine if you should be concerned and seek in-office consultation or if it’s nothing to worry about. Either way, you can always rely on their well-trained and experienced medical professionals. 

You don’t have to worry about their diagnosis’s accuracy as their listed doctors have undergone diagnosis training using photos or images. It has become second nature to them. Upon taking a look at the photos and reading the description you sent along with them, your chosen board-certified dermatologist’s training and experience will allow him or her to determine what skin, hair, or nail condition you have. 

Client Feedback:

The satisfaction rate among patients is 98%.

“DermatologistOnCall was a lot more than convenient. It was a lifesaver.”

“Without it, I’d still be sitting here with acne. DermatologistOnCall changed my life.”


Dentistry and telemedicine go hand-in-hand. It may be limited, but it is possible. An actual dentist’s office visit, however, is encouraged after an initial consult with a teledentistry. The common dental conditions or oral health concerns consulted and treated through teledentistry are overbites or crooked teeth for straightening, initial and minor repair for broken teeth, gum diseases, and toothache. 

Our top choice:

The TeleDentists

Fast & affordable online dental consultations.”
The Tele Dentists Logo

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Fee: $59 for regular consultation; $199 for specialized second opinion
Insurance Accepted: Yes, as well as HSA and FSA 
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant
Accessibility: Website and e-mail 
Physician Credentials: Board-licensed Dentists

Standout Features: 

Dental Second Opinion Program: They are the first in the country to offer this program. It serves as an independent review of a specialist based on your provided information. It would be in your best interest if you keep them detailed and organized as much as possible. This could help dental patients who are not comfortable or sure with their regular dentist’s initial findings or treatment recommendations. 

Why The TeleDentists?Things to Consider
No hidden chargesNot available in Texas due to law restrictions
Issues antibiotics and non-narcotic medicationsAdults above 18 years old must accompany minors
Covers dental emergencies
Multi-awarded telemedicine platform
Virtual Dental Consults

By choosing to have your teeth checked by The TeleDentists, you get to save hundreds up to thousands of dollars and unnecessary tooth works. Especially for minor cases that can be diagnosed, answered, or treated through phone, photo, or video consultation. The only thing you need to prepare for is a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth flowing consultation. You only need to provide some basic information and a little medical history that could affect treatment. 

Some of the conditions that can be addressed through The TeleDentists are inflammation or infection of the tooth and gum, toothache, and chipped teeth. As mentioned earlier, telemedicine consultations can be very limited since hands-on procedures are generally needed to get a tooth fixed. Teledentists are authorized to issue non-narcotic medications that could ease the pain until your scheduled appointment at the dentist’s clinic. They also help you book as early as the next-day appointment, depending on availability. After your in-office visit, you can consult with them for follow-ups, questions, or clarifications on the performed procedure. 

It’s not only about treating current conditions, but you can also consult with them regarding your dental goals and overall oral health assessment. They can discuss with you whether you are susceptible to certain oral health issues, advise you on how to go about with broken and misaligned teeth, whether or not your oral sores, lesions, swelling, or infections would require prescribed medications, along with other concerns no matter how minor or big of a deal you may think they can be. They also entertain questions regarding your baby or child’s teeth, bleeding during brushing, and many other concerns you might have. 

If you have already been to the dentist’s office, but you are not quite sure of the findings, you can also check out their Dental Second Opinion Program, which offers consultations with elite dental specialists from their platform. Their specialty fields include root canals, dentures, gum disease, extractions, braces, and aligners. They also have a team of Pedodontists to address concerns about the oral health of your child. 

The TeleDentists was awarded as the Most Promising Telehealth by Solution Providers, part of the Top 20 Most Disruptive, and Top 10 Dental Healthcare in 2019.

Client Feedback:

“Excellent consultation. Diagnosed exactly what my regular dentist did when they saw me in person. Very caring and professional. An essential quality service for the public. Thank you.”

A patient with the user name Mary B. said that the TeleDentists was her lifesaver/tooth saver when she had an infection underneath her gumline caused by a root canal that required more than just that after the procedure. 



“The dental advice you need, when you need it.”
Toothpic Logo

Image Source

Fee: $35
Insurance Accepted: Yes, covered as CDT code D0140
Accessibility: Website and app available on Google Play and App Store
Information confidentiality: HIPAA compliant powered by Aptible
Physician Credentials: Board-certified Delta Dental practitioners

Standout Feature: 

  • Toothpic Report: This is as detailed as a report can get! It shows your areas of concern based on your submitted photos, their severity, the available and possible treatment courses, and the treatment cost estimates. There is no information withheld from you so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding the next steps. 
Why Toothpic?Things to Consider
Education/knowledge-based approachDoes not issue medical prescriptions
No need to book an appointmentClients cannot choose their dentist; they assign you to an available Delta dentist in your state instead
Comprehensive and detailed oral health report

In Toothpic, they believe that knowledge is key. That is why they have put up the Toothpic University. With it, you can learn something new about oral care and even correct long-held misconceptions about it.

The glossary in Toothpic University covers an array of valuable information, both minor and major, which includes but not limited to abrasion, bite class, cavities, decalcification, and white spot lesions, dental plaque, erosion, fillings, receding gum line, and gum diseases, stomatitis, oral hygiene like flossing and brushing, overcrowding and teeth spacing, pedia dentistry, root exposure, wisdom tooth, and discoloration or staining.

When you click on your selected topic, you will find its definition, symptoms, common causes, and prevention tips. The earlier you detect dental issues, the easier it can be cured and, much better, prevented. 

You can connect with them, whether it’s about a dental issue or any other dental topic you want to understand or have knowledge about. All you have to do is create an account on their site or app, take six guided photos of your teeth or areas of concern using your smartphone together with details, description, and your queries. Their board-certified dental professionals will get back to you with a detailed Toothpic report you need regarding your submission, which you can share with your regular dentist. That’s teledentistry made easy. 

They have what they call a smile score, which serves to evaluate your overall oral health. It is calculated through your answers on a habit survey form, which asks questions about your eating and smoking habits and, of course, your oral care routine. Smile scores are categorized into four – Coal, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold means your smile is healthy, Silver means pretty good and needs a little improvement, Bronze is drawing on the negative side, which means that you must do something to improve your oral health, while Coal is the lowest range score and requires you to take action now. If you want to improve or maintain your oral health status, Toothpic can guide and provide you care tips. 

Your children ages 13 years old and below can also qualify for an evaluation with Toothpic with your guidance subject to compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Client Feedback:

“The instructions on the app are so easy to follow! My son and I had fun taking the pictures, and the report I received was very comprehensive.”

“As a self-employed businesswoman and busy mom, Toothpic provides me with an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to make informed decisions about my oral health.”