The 50 Best Online Primary Care Physician (PCP) Services in the U.S. in 2023

If you haven’t tried using any online doctor and primary care physician services, chances are you will eventually experience what it’s like in the foreseeable future. The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, especially concerning the provision of medical services to patients. Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), and access to mobile devices, a rapidly-growing number of doctors and primary care services can now evaluate and treat patients remotely, otherwise known as telemedicine.

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The era of telemedicine is here. Hence, the time has arrived where online doctors and primary care physicians now deliver healthcare services via mobile apps and websites. Unlimited messaging, televisits or video visits, and live chats with an online physician have made it possible for patients to receive primary care services in the comforts of home.

Although telemedicine can’t entirely replace traditional face-to-face consultations with a doctor, the platform has made healthcare services more affordable and convenient for everyone, especially with services such as prescription medications, primary preventative and non-urgent care, and prescription refills.

Experience Online Doctor Visits

If you’re a newbie in the telemedicine world, you’re probably wondering what to expect during your scheduled video visit with an online doctor. In case you didn’t know, most online doctor visits have a standardized format; however, there are slight differences.

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Here are some of the processes involved during your first telemedicine service with an online doctor:

Register for a new account

Account registration is the primary step when opting for online primary care physician services. Without an account, you can’t avail of any telemedicine services on specific apps. Due to the nature of service, telemedicine apps require patient information to enroll and get the appropriate treatment you need. Aside from that, you must provide the mode of payment for billing information. If you’re concerned with data privacy and security, no need to worry since most telemedicine services we’ve listed are compliant with HIPAA’s rules and regulations.

Choose the type of service.

Most telemedicine apps and sites have a diverse range of services and cater to different medical conditions. Some of these offer lab and imaging examinations, treatment of chronic diseases, mental health, injuries, and infections. Regardless of the availed services, the platforms we’ve listed offer an easy way to find what you require from an online doctor.

Visit your doctor remotely.

Many telemedicine services don’t require a scheduled booking and are accessible 24/7. Unlike traditional in-person consultations, you can wait for approximately ten minutes and see your online doctor without any delays.

Although some apps require an appointment, the services below only need an active internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Depending on your current state of residence, you may be required to turn on your video for your appointment.

Online Doctor and Primary Care Physician Service Costs Involved

Availing healthcare service through a website or mobile app is extremely convenient, but costs differ widely. In some cases, a patient’s health insurance will cover the expenses involved during telemedicine consultations. Aside from that, you can also pay with cash for every video visit with a therapist, physician, or a different healthcare provider.

Speaking of health insurance, every provider or health insurance company offers virtual medicine. That said, the first thing you can do is verify with the telemedicine company or your insurance provider if your telemedicine session is covered.

If you’re self-paying with cash, the average cost of every video visit starts at $20. When availing of an online therapy session, you can pay around $199 and $100 for every follow-up session. Each online primary care physician or doctor service has its special rate for cash appointments; thus, you should access their website for up-to-date pricing.

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Getting the Best Online Doctor and Primary Care Physician Services

With the boom of healthcare innovations, the medical sector is undergoing a massive transformation. As a result, several websites and mobile apps that cater to telemedicine are becoming more prevalent than ever, making it more challenging to find the best online doctor and primary care physician suitable to your needs. That said, we have listed the 50 best online doctor and primary care physician services in the country, in no particular order, to help save time and effort.

Aside from that, we’ve also included the essential information, such as the latest pricing information, services offered, and links to downloadable apps, so you can have a one-stop-shop for all the resources you need. Whether you’re looking for the best online physician services for adults or children, for providers or patients, for men or women, medical, therapy, or dermatology needs, and with or without Insurance, there’s one for you on this list!


SteadyMD Logo
Insurance is accepted; Individual Plan: $99 per month | Family Plan: starts at $178 per month

SteadyMD offers a comprehensive healthcare service that aims to replace the patient’s traditional face-to-face consultations with their primary doctors. Besides treating urgent care needs, SteadyMD provides healthcare services to patients with chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism, and heart diseases.

With SteadyMD’s comprehensive service, you can also avail the laboratory and screening services for erectile dysfunction, hormones, anemia, and cancer. SteadyMD’s board-certified physicians can submit prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy except for narcotics and other regulated drugs.

This online primary care service makes it possible for your physician to monitor your health status through monitoring devices, such as MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and other fitness-related integrations. Any essential information from devices that measure blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate can also be utilized by your online doctor through the SteadyMD app.

When you avail of SteadyMD’s subscription, you’re assigned with an online doctor who can provide the appropriate assessment tailored to your lifestyle and needs. With less than 1,000 patients assigned per physician, you can have more time with an online consultation. Each consultation lasts up to 60 minutes, and you can always ask for another session as needed. Although SteadyMD requires an appointment, you’re guaranteed to see your doctor remotely within the same day.



Sherpaa Logo
Yearly Plans: Basic $500 | Plus $800 | Extra $1200; Per Visit $99; Episodes of Care Plans: $99 for 1 month; $270 for 1 year

Sherpaa is one of the best online doctor and primary care physician services that is open 24/7. The platform offers remote medical services with yearly membership plans, namely Basic, Plus, and Extra. Sherpaa subscriptions already include unlimited primary care services. If you require urgent or short-term medical attention, you can opt for Sherpaa’s Episodes of Care Plans. Through the Episodes of Care Plans, you can enjoy unlimited primary care from an assigned online physician for 30 days or one year, depending on the subscription you purchase.

Sherpaa’s Extra subscription includes a premium service of annual preventative examinations and first meeting through a video consultation. Sherpaa online doctors can create specialist referrals for individuals subscribed to Sherpaa’s Plus Care and Extra Care memberships.

This online primary care platform attests that their network of doctors has diagnosed and treated approximately 70% of the online patients’ concerns and referred the remaining 30% to medical facilities and specialists. Every process involved with Sherpaa is transacted using photos, videos, phones, health data, and instant messaging.

Sherpaa remote physicians can order screenings and laboratory tests, send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy, and prescribe medications. They are employed full-time with Sherpaa, and you can connect with them through the platform within 30 minutes or less.

Available: App Store

K Health

K Health Logo
Insurance is accepted; Primary Care Membership: $9 per month; One-Time Visit: $19 per visit.

K Health is a data-driven healthcare and telemedicine app that provides quick answers about the patient’s health and connects them to board-certified online physicians. After installing the K Health mobile app, patients can access the symptoms tracker feature. This unique feature can respond to a series of questions and identify any health-related condition through the symptoms provided. Hence, the K Health mobile app makes it easier for patients to see how physicians diagnose and treat individuals with similar biomarkers and symptoms.

With K Health, patients can access high-quality treatment, health inquiries, and physicians’ services with or without Insurance. Through the AI-driven healthcare app, patients can overview the results of their questions, provide them with common treatments and related statistics.

Like other healthcare companies, K Health offers one of the cheapest telemedicine services that have transparent pricing. With K Health, you can find questions about almost all types of medical conditions, ranging from mental health to sexual health, and other primary care services. The app also lets you chat with an online physician and discuss your health concerns. Aside from that, you can enjoy a follow-up messaging service for three days with your assigned physician.


Rethink My Healthcare

Rethink My Healthcare Logo
One Time Virtual Dr. Visit: $24.99 per consultation; Virtual Healthcare: $99 per month

Rethink My Healthcare is one of the best options for budget-conscious patients who want to avail online doctor and primary care physician services at home. This online primary care physician service caters to non-urgent, fee-for-service medical care with low-cost consultation fees. Regardless if you want short-term or frequent medical care, Rethink My Healthcare offers a suitable subscription for your medical needs.

Aside from virtual healthcare consultations, Rethink My Healthcare has a diverse range of services. You can find a list of standard operating procedures to find a physician who offers bundled packages on surgeries, such as knee replacement, through its website. Some of the services you can find through this telemedicine platform include psychiatry sessions, therapy, and dental care memberships.

The monthly subscription plans offered by Rethink My Healthcare isn’t a replacement for insurance plans and doesn’t cover any hospital visits. That said, this telemedicine platform is only a convenient alternative to access periodic healthcare service without heading to the nearest urgent care facility.

Available via Web Version only.


Hey Doctor Logo
Online Healthcare Service starts at $30

HeyDoctor is powered by GoodRx; hence, you may have heard about GoodRx when it comes to your discounted medicines and prescription needs. It’s one of the most comprehensive telemedicine platforms that offer various services, ranging from reproductive/sexual health to primary care and dermatology needs. 

With HeyDoctor, you can easily contact an online doctor to discuss your medical condition through its HIPAA-compliant messaging service. Some of the medical services attended through the HeyDoctor app include short-term medicine refill, pre-diabetes screening and referral, acne diagnosis, treatment, prevention, birth control prescriptions, and Vitamin D screening and treatment.

This telemedicine platform also provides easy prescription refills and pickup. That said, HeyDoctor can send the medicine prescription to your local pharmacy or via email. If you’re living in a city covered by HeyDoctor, the company can send your prescription via door-to-door delivery.

HeyDoctor caters to every patient, with or without an insurance plan. It’s one of the most affordable telemedicine services that garnered 5-star ratings on both Apple and Android platforms. Hence, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your purchase with HeyDoctor’s services.



Maven Logo
Video Appointments: Reproductive Endocrinologist $75 (15 Minutes); Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners $90 (30 Minutes); Coaches $50 (30 Minutes); Mental Health Providers $70 (40 Minutes) Masters Level | $120 (40 Minutes) Doctorate Level | $20 (10 Minutes); Physicians $40 (10 Minutes); Nurse Practitioners/Midwives $20 (10 Minutes); Doulas/Lactation Consultants/Nutritionists/Physical Therapists $25 (20 Minutes)
Therapy Packages: 3 40-Minute Appointments $195; 5 40-Minute Appointments $300; 10 40-Minute Appointments $550 | Nutrition Packages: 3 20-Minute Appointments $70; 5 20-Minute Appointments $115; 10 20-Minute Appointments $225

Maven has gained a reputation for being a top family planning, healthcare, and pediatric care for women. Numerous companies, employers, and health insurance providers offer Maven one of the employee benefits; however, you can use Maven’s telemedicine platform as an individual subscriber.

This telemedicine app implements a holistic approach to family and women’s health, providing you with access to medical experts that range from back-to-work specialists, nutritionists, and physicians. With Maven, women can easily speak to medical professionals through secure private messages and video chats for assistance regarding pediatric care, prenatal and postpartum care, wellness and mental health, physical therapy and nutrition, and general health inquiries. Aside from that, Maven also administers a robust peer group where patients can communicate with other support members.

For individual subscribers, the app has a pay-per-visit system and displays payment information upon booking. Through Maven, your online physician can send your birth control prescriptions, UTI prescriptions, and other medical prescriptions to your local pharmacy. 


One Medical

One Medical Logo
Insurance is accepted; One Medical Membership (Adults): $199 per year; For Kids: $199 per year.

If you’re working in a company covered by One Medical, you can have 24/7 on-demand care via video visits without additional fees. Aside from that, One Medical has locations in many states in the U.S. Regardless if you’re using its telemedicine platform or partner companies, One Medical offers one of the best referrals anytime, anywhere.

One Medical works with major insurance providers similar to a traditional doctor’s clinic; thus, you’re mostly covered with its telemedicine service. However, if you don’t have any insurance, One Medical offers affordable pricing options instead. With One Medical, you can schedule same/next-day appointments with your online doctor. Patients can also enjoy 24/7 access to virtual consultations and messaging services with the provider team.

One of its noteworthy features includes Treat Me Now, allowing medical providers to review patients’ medical information and send the necessary prescriptions to their local pharmacy or schedule laboratory tests for common illnesses straight from the One Medical mobile app. The conditions covered under Treat Me Now include yeast infections, UTIs, seasonal allergies, flu and cold, and skin issues.

Through One Medical’s service, you can also request prescription renewals, access office locators and directions, and view your basic health records, such as allergies, medications, and vaccinations. To access the patient’s medical information, they must become a member of One Medical. Hence, ensure that you have already signed up for a new account before using One Medical’s telemedicine app.



MeMD Logo
Medical: $67 per visit; Therapy: $85 per session

MeMD is one of the telemedicine platforms on this list that offers excellent mental health services through a computer, smartphone, tablet, or landline. After signing up for a new account and providing the necessary health information, MeMD allows you to choose between an audio or a video consultation.

MeMD’s online physicians are highly capable of treating acute and non-urgent medical conditions, such as colds/flu, bronchitis, migraines, headaches, rashes, dehydration, sprains, fever, skin infections, and pink eye. If applicable, your online physician can send prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

This telemedicine company started as a platform for providing behavioral health treatment for panic attacks, PTSD, cognitive behavioral therapy, abuse, depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Licensed counselors and therapists diagnose and provide treatment for patients with behavioral conditions, while medical services are facilitated by board-certified or licensed physician assistants, physicians, and nurse practitioners.

MeMD doesn’t honor any health insurance plans; however, the company accepts HRA, HSA, and FSA accounts. Each patient’s medical record is accessible through the patient portal of MeMD itself.



Roman Logo
Online Visit: $15

Roman became popular for providing sexual health treatments to men. However, this telemedicine continues its mark by offering healthcare services to diagnose and evaluate various medical conditions among men, including prostate health and heart. Although Roman features a messaging platform, this telemedicine app offers video visits for men residing in specific states that require video or phone chats before an online physician can make prescriptions.

To use the Roman telemedicine platform, you should register for an account and provide the necessary responses for tailoring you with the appropriate medical attention you require. For instance, heart health questionnaires have different questions than the questionnaire related to sexual health.

After accomplishing the questionnaire, an online doctor will attend to your concerns within 24 hours. They may require additional information or provide a treatment plan that can include essential prescriptions. This telemedicine company runs its pharmacy and can ship its own branded medicines to your location.

Roman offers transparent prices across its diverse range of services, indicating all of its associated fees on the website. Once you avail of Roman’s telemedicine service, you can receive free follow-up sessions and unlimited messaging with an assigned online physician.

Available via Web Version only


HealthSapiens Logo
Medical Plans: Protect Myself $19.95 per month | Protect My Family $24.95 per month; Counseling Plan: $197 per month

HealthSapiens is a simple and straightforward telemedicine app that offers affordable counseling and medical plans. The platform is developed to eliminate the need for Insurance and copay, making it more accessible and affordable to access high-quality healthcare providers without leaving home. With its pricing plan, HealthSapiens offers unlimited consultations for both medical and counseling plans. Unlike other telemedicine apps, HealthSapiens already includes multiple sessions for its counseling subscriptions. 

With HealthSapiens, you can access medical and counseling services without a scheduled appointment. Register for an account on its website, select a subscription plan and start using the platform. Your monthly subscription already covers each session with an online doctor; hence, no co-pay and no extra charges on your billing statement. It also doesn’t have a pay-per-visit scheme.

HealthSapiens’ subscriptions provide you with the opportunity to consult with an online doctor as often as you need. Besides assessing your symptoms and providing treatment plans, your doctor can also prescribe medications and send them directly to your preferred pharmacy.

Besides its medical subscription, HealthSapiens also provides patients with access to therapists, counselors, and other licensed mental health professionals. Once you’ve signed up, you’re assigned a therapist who can work directly with you on a diverse range of issues. That said, you won’t bounce around from one therapist to another, getting the same therapist for all your counseling sessions.

Available via Web Version only


CallonDoc Logo
Services start at $39.99 per visit.

CallOnDoc is an online treatment and diagnosis platform that caters to a diverse range of medical conditions. Numerous reviews about CallOnDoc commends the platform on how simple and straightforward it is to be diagnosed and get a prescription. Patients can sign up for an account, choose a specific medical condition from CallOnDoc’s list, and fill out a health information form. Once completed, you can expect an online physician to attend to your needs within two hours. Depending on your case, they may ask for additional information or request a video visit. Regardless, the patient receives a diagnosis and treatment plan that already includes the necessary prescription after every visit.

This telehealth platform offers transparent pricing and is suitable for anyone who requires urgent and preventative care. Since CallOnDoc doesn’t accept Insurance, it is an affordable alternative to traditional healthcare and anyone who can’t afford an insurance plan. 

Although the platform is a new contender, CallOnDoc makes up for its long list of services. Some of the medical conditions treated at CallOnDoc include dental infection, depression, allergies, hypertension, motion sickness, and sexual disorders. Aside from that, you can also order laboratory tests via CallOnDoc, which eliminates the middleman from every test. Instead of in-person laboratory visits, you can order the test through its website and get your lab test results via email. Some of the laboratory tests available on CallOnDoc include lupus screening, diabetes, annual physical panel, serum testosterone, full thyroid panel, and cholesterol.

Available via Web Version only

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand Logo
Insurance is accepted; $75 for 15-minute medical consultation. | Therapy (Psychology): $129 for 25-minute consultation; $179 for 50-minute consultation | Therapy (Psychiatry): $299 for initial 45-minute consultation; $129 for 15-minute follow-up

Doctor on Demand is the Swiss knife among telemedicine platforms. It provides comprehensive care both on-demand and by appointment for a diverse range of mental and physical health conditions.

With Doctor on Demand’s service, patients can have a brief video visit with a board-certified physician. Online doctors provide diagnosis and treatment for common conditions, such as headaches, migraines, rashes, allergies, colds, and flu.

Patients with chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension can also utilize this robust telemedicine platform to manage their conditions. Aside from physical health concerns, Doctor on Demand also caters to patients who need mental health and behavioral care services. The platform has a diverse network of licensed or certified psychiatrists and therapists who can work with patients regarding their mental health concerns. 

Doctor on Demand is free to download the program on both Android and Apple devices. It doesn’t offer any subscription plans. The good news is that Doctor on Demand accepts many major health insurance plans, such as United Healthcare, Humana, Cigna, and Aetna, so you’re most likely covered. Patients without any insurance plan have to pay a flat-rate fee associated with the type of service they avail of.

Doctor on Demand has numerous partnerships with several major companies, providing discounted rates to employees for availing their services.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan Logo
Depending on the insurance plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s app is a one-stop-shop for all your insurance and telemedicine needs. If you’ve purchased Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, this app is for you. Although the app works with most insurance plans, it has a few limitations. If you’re a member of a Blue Cross Complete (Medicaid), MESSA, and FEP with a PPO plan, you can’t use this telemedicine app.

Aside from convenient access to your healthcare plans, you also get comprehensive care anytime, anywhere through the mobile app. If you’re a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, you can sign in on the app and find an online physician. Besides telemedicine services, you can use the app to view your deductible and other plan balances, choose and view your primary care physician, enjoy access to care including a 24/7 nurse line, research drug prices, and coverage guidelines, and use the virtual assistant for any inquiries.

If you’re concerned with security, the app is fully compliant with HIPAA and takes data privacy and patient information with the utmost confidentiality.


Anytime Pediatrics

Anytime Pediatrics Logo
With Insurance Coverage: Depending on the patient’s insurance provider; Without Insurance Coverage: Depending on the Anytime Pediatrics and its Pediatrician Partners Flat-Rate Fee Basis 

Anytime Pediatrics offers televisits with a local pediatrician or your pediatrician if they are a member of Anytime Pediatrics. This telemedicine platform accepts major insurance plans and also provides self-paying through cash options. If you’re paying through cash, you’re going to pay a flat-rate fee as billed by this telemedicine platform and its pediatricians.

Since it’s a suitable replacement for in-person visits for your children, Anytime Pediatrics eliminates children’s stress and burden by offering video visits in the comforts of home. During the video session, an Anytime Pediatrics pediatrician can prescribe medications and send them over to your local pharmacy. If needed, the online pediatrician can provide you with a personalized school note.

This telemedicine platform offers a virtual clinic service for many pediatricians. As a result, you can access your go-to pediatrician through Anytime Pediatrics. If they’re not a member of Anytime Pediatrics, this telemedicine platform will connect you with a different, board-certified doctor within your local community. This online pediatrician can offer non-urgent care for your children and send medical notes to your go-to pediatrician.

Using Anytime Pediatrics requires an account subscription. Through the app, you must also set up a profile for your child. As parents with children suffering from injuries, rashes, and allergies, you must provide photos for the online pediatrician as their reference for proper diagnosis and treatment.



Heal Logo
With Insurance Coverage: Depending on patient’s insurance provider; House Call Without Insurance Coverage: $159 per call; Telemedicine Call Without Insurance Coverage: $79 per call

If you prefer a regular house visit with a physician, Heal is the best telemedicine app for you. It’s a hybrid telemedicine app catering to physician house calls and virtual medicine services. 

Through Heal’s mobile app, you can book an appointment with a physician for a diverse range of services. Patients without an insurance plan can pay a minimum price of $159 per house visit. For individuals with Insurance, this telemedicine app provides an overview of the total bill amount before booking an appointment. 

Board-certified or licensed physicians cater to a variety of medical conditions, including acute illnesses. Some of the common diseases attended by Heal’s network of doctors include rashes, headaches, infections, and viruses. Aside from that, Heal also facilitates pediatric care, such as health screenings and vaccinations, and preventative care, such as annual physical panels and flu shots.

Since Heal’s doctors visit patients in their residence, they require the patient’s health information, such as lifestyle, environment, and diet, providing them with an overview of their overall wellbeing. Hence, an assigned physician can offer more holistic care and better advice for long-term wellness.

The primary drawback of Heal is that its house call services are not available to some cities. The company only caters to house visits for patients residing in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Spokane, and Washington DC. Otherwise, you can avail Heal’s virtual medicine service.


Parsley Health

Parsley Health Logo
12-Month Plan: $150 Monthly for 12 Months |4-Month Plan: $229 Monthly for 4 Months

Parsley Health is a data-driven healthcare platform that provides easy and convenient access to wellness, nutrition, and preventative care for everyone. Hence, it’s one of the best telemedicine platforms for jumping into wellness.

Through Parsley Health, you can access help from an online physician regarding a specific medical concern. This telemedicine app caters to various services, including cardio-metabolic health, maternal support, skin issues, thyroid condition, hormonal issue, mental wellbeing, autoimmune diseases, and digestive issues.

Parsley Health features a holistic medicine approach by offering comprehensive laboratory and specialty testing, providing an in-depth understanding of your wellbeing. Aside from that, this telemedicine platform adapts member-first care and a whole-body approach to its services.

To use Parsley Health, purchase a membership plan, and meet with your care team. An assigned care team takes a significant amount of time to get to know your overall health and discover the root of your chronic conditions. After that, you may be required to take a personalized laboratory test. A lab test isn’t included in the subscription plan, costing around $100 to $350. Once your care team has already identified an appropriate treatment, they provide a personalized health plan covering nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle changes. 

Parsley Health subscription already includes unlimited messaging and unlimited visits with your online doctor or health coach. Besides that, you get on-going support from your care team to answer inquiries and recommendations about your wellness journey. Aside from holistic medicine, you can also order supplements through Parsley Health.

Available via Web Version only


Better-Help Logo
$60 to $80 per week

BetterHelp has four ways to access everyone’s mental health services via video visit, phone, chat, or messaging. Aside from that, you can also have a hybrid between these methods according to your preference.

BetterHelp offers counseling sessions for couples, adults, and teens. To start using BetterHelp, you should create a membership account. After creating an account, BetterHelp’s virtual counseling service matches you with a psychologist or therapist. You can communicate with an assigned therapist as often as needed. If you prefer a live telecounseling service, you can schedule an appointment with your online therapist.

With BetterHelp, you don’t need to provide your complete name when creating an account. Hence, you can be completely anonymous and enjoy discreet mental health support when you require one. Its telecounseling service doesn’t work with insurance providers; thus, any therapy information and session won’t be reflected on your medical records.

BetterHelp’s network of therapists includes licensed and certified counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers. The telecounseling service doesn’t prescribe any medications. If you require one for your behavioral health condition, verify first with your therapist if they can prescribe for you.



Tytocare Logo
Insurance is accepted; TytoCare – TytoHome Remote Exam Kit: $299.99

TytoCare is a unique telehealth device and service in one comprehensive package. It’s a telehealth solution, offering virtual medicine and comprehensive exams anytime, anywhere.

Instead of traditional apps and websites, TytoCare includes a remote exam package containing a handheld device for examining temperature, heart rate, skin, throat, ears, lungs, and heart. TytoCare’s exam kit is paired with its app to save exam results, perform a live video visit exam, and share it with an online physician.

TytoCare’s mobile app is designed to work with different kinds of TytoCare telehealth devices, such as TytoClinic, TytoPro, and TytoHome.



HealthTap Logo
Insurance is accepted; Basic: Free Membership |$65 per visit; Prime: $10 per month |$45 for 1st visit only, $0 after 1st visit

If you’re looking for an affordable telehealth membership plan, HealthTap is your best telemedicine app. HealthTap provides you with the opportunity to access online physicians and healthcare services as an alternative to your primary care physician.

With HealthTap’s affordable subscription, you can enjoy unlimited 24/7 access to virtual consultations via live chat or video visit. Patients can have treatment recommendations and doctor’s advice for other primary care or acute needs. Aside from that, HealthTap provides you with prescriptions, referrals for specialists, and doctor’s notes for valid absences from school or work when you need one.

Your membership with HealthTap already includes access to a database of thousands of answers from physicians, safe and secure storage for personal medical records, and HealthTap’s A.I. feature that offers guidance with answers to short questions. HealthTap subscription doesn’t cover the expenses for in-person consultations, laboratory examinations, and prescriptions.

HealthTap accepts numerous major health insurance providers in the country. It has also partnered with different companies and employers to offer its services to their employees as benefits.



Hims Logo
Primary Care: $39

Like Roman’s telemedicine platform, Hims is another telehealth service designed for men. This telemedicine service helps men address skincare treatments, common medical conditions, such as hair loss, mental health, and sexual and reproductive health.

Although it’s not as comprehensive compared to other telemedicine platforms for men, Hims is a great alternative to start with male-focused healthcare service through a virtual platform. It’s completely easy to register for a new account. All you have to do is provide the required information about your medical history and responses to brief questions about your lifestyle and health. Once completed, Hims connects you with a board-certified or licensed online doctor who can respond to your inquiries and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

If you require prescriptions for medical conditions like hair loss, and erectile dysfunction, this telemedicine service delivers directly to your current place in discreet packaging without a fee.

Depending on your insurance provider, Hims doesn’t accept Insurance for medical consultations. However, some prescriptions can be covered.

Available via Web Version only


Lemonaid Logo
$25 medical consultation fee | Insurance isn’t accepted for consultation fees.

Lemonaid is one of the best telemedicine platforms for everyone, even without any insurance plan. That said, Lemonaid doesn’t accept insurance plans for paying the costs of medical consultations. Instead, this telemedicine platform offers less than $30 for every consultation with an online doctor. Aside from that, you can tell your assigned Lemonaid doctor to send their prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy so that you can use your insurance plan to pay for prescribed medications. However, you should ask the insurance provider first if they cover any prescriptions by Lemonaid physicians.

Online doctors at Lemonaid can address a diverse range of medical concerns, including health testing, sexual health, primary care, dermatology and hair health, men’s and women’s health, and mental health. Aside from that, Lemonaid doctors can help you with common acute or chronic concerns, such as hypertension, acid reflux, general and urgent primary care, UTI, erectile dysfunction, migraine, and birth control.

In terms of prescription, Lemonaid provides you with an option to use their pharmacy network to receive prescriptions via door-to-door delivery or tell the company to refill your prescriptions at your preferred pharmacy.



Sesame Logo
Services start at $44

Sesame is primarily designed as a telemedicine platform for patients without a health insurance plan or underinsured. Sesame’s technology develops a direct-to-patient healthcare system with affordable flat-rate pricing options, making telemedicine more accessible for everyone.

With Sesame’s telemedicine service, you can find online doctors and healthcare providers for numerous healthcare needs, including mental health care, dermatology, dentistry, urgent care, and primary care. Patients can browse through the platform for local and nationwide physicians and make an appointment through a video visit or in-person. All doctors and other healthcare professionals are fully licensed and examined, providing high-quality healthcare service from reputable professionals. If medically appropriate, Sesame’s online physicians can also prescribe medications.

In terms of cancellation policy, Sesame offers worry-free cancellation that lets patients cancel scheduled appointments up to one day in advance without a penalty fee.

Sesame accepts all major debit and credit cards for payments. Aside from that, they also accept funds from Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts as payment.

Available via Web Version only

Curai Health

Curai Health Logo
Insurance is accepted; 6 Months Trial + $7.99 per month.

Like Parsley Health, Curai Health offers holistic medicine for everyone without leaving the comforts of home. This telemedicine app provides personalized care, with healthcare providers guiding you in your wellness journey.

Curai Health’s board-certified physicians deliver comprehensive telemedicine that’s tailored to every patient’s needs. Download the Curai Health mobile app, create a new account, and answer a series of health-related questions. Once done, an online doctor evaluates your overall health and may require additional information from you. In some cases, they ask you to undergo a laboratory test for further diagnosis. Curai Health has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide laboratory examinations at affordable and discounted prices.

Some of the health concerns you can ask through Curai Health include sleep problems, oral contraceptives, birth control, UTIs, skin problems, chronic diseases, hair loss, eye infections, asthma, sexual health, HIV, and STD concerns. Online doctors at Curai Health can also prescribe medications and send them to your nearest pharmacy if you need one. 

If you aren’t ready for a monthly subscription just yet, start with Curai Health’s 6-month free trial.  

The main drawback of Curai Health is that it’s only available to California residents only.



Medici Logo
Services start at $25 per consultation.

Medici is a secure healthcare messaging platform primarily developed for doctors and physicians. However, this healthcare company offers Medici For Patients, providing users with a mobile app for video consultations, calls, and texts with their go-to therapists, specialists, doctors, and even veterinarians.

It’s a simple and straightforward healthcare solution for people who don’t prefer subscription plans. Instead, patients can choose or find their doctors through the app and pay for every consultation. With Medici’s mobile app, you can ask questions and get health advice from your primary care physician anytime, anywhere. Patients can also request referrals, prescriptions, and laboratory results through Medici’s telemedicine service.

Aside from primary care service, Medici provides you with quick one-stop-shop access to all your healthcare providers. That said, you can use the app to consult with your family veterinarian, pediatrician, dentist, and doctor in a single and secure telemedicine platform. Through Medici, you can have a mobile doctor in your pocket. 



Doximity Logo
Pricing Information isn’t available.

Like Medici, Doximity is a platform for healthcare professionals that provides them with quick and convenient access to connect with their patients. With Doximity’s Dialer Video feature, online doctors and other healthcare providers enjoy a secure and simplest telemedicine solution for calling their patients without providing their mobile number.

Although Doximity is an app primarily used by doctors, we’ve included this on our list for patients’ telemedicine needs. Chances are, your online doctor may have already started their practice with Doximity, making it easier for you to message or call them through the app. For physicians, they can easily contact someone without using *67 via Doximity’s telemedicine service.

Doximity is similar to a social media platform; however, it’s meant for healthcare-related topics and newsfeed. Aside from that, doctors can reconnect with colleagues, co-fellowships, co-residents, and former medical school classmates easily on the app.



iPrescribe Logo

iPrescribe provides online physicians and other healthcare providers with an e-prescribing app, offering them the freedom to write and renew prescriptions for patients wherever, whenever needed. We’ve included this app on our list for physicians who can read this source, providing them with different ideas on simplifying their routine, such as prescribing medicines in a simplified method. 

iPrescribe is one of the best e-prescribing apps that lets you avoid lengthy phone calls with pharmacies and forget faxing medication prescriptions. With iPrescribe, physicians can easily send prescriptions to any pharmacy in the country.

This e-prescribing app makes it more accessible and convenient for patients to pick up their medicines, streamline the process of prescribing for doctors and their staff, eliminate illegible scripts, and prevents the risk of losing paper-based prescriptions.

Aside from that, iPrescribe allows you to receive renewal requests from pharmacies and respond in real-time. With the app, online doctors can retrieve up-to-date prices for medication costs and help them provide cost-effective treatments for their patients.



SkyMD Logo
Insurance is accepted; Pricing options depend on the services availed.

SkyMD is another HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service specializing in dermatology, with a network of online physicians or dermatologists that treat many patients across the country. With virtual dermatologists in many states, SkyMD’s skin doctors are available to diagnose and treat patients, ranging from infants to centenarians.

SkyMD doesn’t require an appointment with your online dermatologist; hence, you can easily contact them through its mobile platforms. This telemedicine platform accepts many major insurance plans.

With SkyMD’s website, you can access comprehensive information about a diverse range of skin conditions. You can access sample photos, symptoms, treatment, causes, home remedies, prescription, and OTC medication through the site. Hence, the site can be your one-stop-shop for all the information you need regarding a specific skin condition. 

This telemedicine platform offers a more streamlined process of accessing its services. All you have to do is download and install the SkyMD mobile app and connect to your dermatologist. Upload photos of your skin concern and answer brief questions about your allergies, medical histories, symptoms, and primary concern. An online dermatologist evaluates your skin condition, provides a diagnosis, and suggests a personalized treatment plan after providing complete information. If applicable, they also send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.

Some of the common skin conditions diagnosed and treated through SkyMD include eczema, dandruff, acne, cold sores, nail issues, excessive sweating, rashes, skin aging, eyelash thinning, and other skin lesions.


Atrium Health

Atrium Health Logo
Depending on the service

Atrium Health offers convenient and quick access to healthcare anytime, anywhere. Patients can access four types of care service through its Get Care Now, namely, urgent care, virtual visit, eVisit, and emergency care. One of its noteworthy features is the symptoms guide. If you aren’t sure which service to avail of, you can ask for guidance through Atrium Health’s comprehensive website. The list contains different kinds of medical conditions, ranging from minor burns to headaches, minor sprains, and other specialty care.

With MyAtriumHealth, you can pay your bills, read your physician’s notes, start an eVisit, check test and lab results, message your care team, and schedule appointments with an online doctor. Aside from that, this telemedicine platform offers Find a Doctor and Find a Location features for helping you find the nearest urgent care facilities, emergency rooms, hospitals, and available doctors. MyAtriumHealth also lets you find cancer clinical trials and contact the facility for any additional information.

If you’re wondering about the difference between Atrium Health’s virtual visit and eVisit, it’s completely simple to distinguish. eVisit involves getting a diagnosis and treatment plan for minor illnesses like colds and flu through a secure messaging service, while a virtual visit is a secure, face-to-face video platform with an online healthcare provider 24/7.


Blue CareOnDemand

BlueCareonDemand Logo
Depending on the insurance plan of the patient

Blue CareOnDemand is the official telemedicine app of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina. If you have an insurance plan with either of these two, you can enjoy its telemedicine service through the Blue CareOnDemand mobile app.

With Blue CareOnDemand, you can ensure safe and secure billing, scheduling appointments, and healthcare services through its HIPAA-compliant platform. Some medical conditions diagnosed and treated by this telemedicine app include sprains and strains, sore throat, headache, bronchitis, colds and flu, sinus infection, and UTI. Blue CareOnDemand physicians access your symptoms and other health-related information using audio chat and live video. Televisits via mobile apps let physicians interact with you to diagnose your medical condition, provide a treatment plan, recommend follow-ups, and prescribe the necessary medication when applicable.

Besides telemedicine services, Blue CareOnDemand allows you to share your available health data from Apple Health during virtual visits, including respiratory rate, nutritional information, weight, blood glucose level, body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.


First Derm

First Derm Logo
Service starts at $29

As mentioned, our guide doesn’t only provide the best telemedicine services for physical and mental health needs. If you’re experiencing a skin condition that is unsightly, painful, or itchy, you’re not going to be attended to immediately. Aside from that, finding the best dermatologist and making an appointment can be time-consuming and a hassle. That said, we’ve included First Derm for all your online dermatology needs.

With First Derm’s mobile app, you can consult with an online dermatologist for quick and convenient prescriptions, treatment plans, and answers to inquiries.

First Derm offers a simple and straightforward way to diagnose and treat your skin conditions. All you have to do is download and install the First Derm mobile app, register for a new account, upload photos of your specific concern, and describe your symptoms. Once done, you can settle the associated fee and wait for feedback from a board-certified dermatologist. In most cases, you get a response within 24 hours. Patients also can select from three different time frames to receive feedback, ranging from eight hours to two days.

Although this telemedicine app doesn’t accept health insurance, patients can use their Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account as payment.



MyChart Logo
Pricing Information isn’t available.

MyChart is a virtual patient portal app that enables patients to access patient-doctor messaging service, electronic health records, and online appointment scheduling anytime, anywhere.

Patients using MyChart can consolidate the virtual access to medical records from all healthcare providers in one comprehensive platform. Through MyChart’s one-stop-shop mobile app, users can view their medical records, immunization or vaccination history, prescribed medications, and test results.

Besides that, MyChart’s billing and appointment scheduling features let patients easily create an appointment and settle their billing for services. With MyChart, users can contact their physician to ask questions or share medical records with other healthcare providers. Patients who use health-monitoring devices that incorporate their fitness and health data from a tracker can sync them into their MyChart profile for easy and quick access.

MyChart is one of the best patient portal apps for parents handling their dependent children’s multiple health records. Hence, they can have secure and safe access to one comprehensive mobile app.


Carbon Health

Carbon Health Logo
Insurance is accepted; Virtual Visit: $69; Virtual Mental Health Visit: $99

Carbon Health offers a seamless telehealth experience for both patients and healthcare professionals through different mobile platforms. Pediatrics, mental health, primary care, and urgent care are Carbon Health’s telehealth services offered to patients. This telemedicine platform is 100% compliant with HIPAA’s rules and regulations; hence, you’re guaranteed that your medical records, treatment plans, and payment options are safe and secure.

With Carbon Health, patients can easily schedule same-day medical consultations with an online physician. Besides that, they can conduct a video visit or chat with a doctor to discuss their medical conditions. Carbon Health also provides you with the opportunity to access medical records, such as laboratory and test results and X-rays. If you’re using Apple Health, you can share vitals with your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis.

Doctors at Carbon Health can also prescribe medications/prescription refills and have them delivered to your home or local pharmacy. Patients experiencing common medical conditions, such as rashes, bronchitis, fever, allergies, injuries, UTIs, and sore throat, can avail of Carbon Health’s urgent care service.

Besides medical conditions, Carbon Health also diagnoses and treats depression, anxiety, alcohol use and addiction, weight-loss counseling, and other general mental health concerns via teletherapy.


Ascension Online Care

Ascension Logo
$49 Flat-Rate Fee

Another highly-rated app for telemedicine service is Ascension Online Care, featuring 24/7 virtual urgent care at the comforts of home. With Ascension Online Care, patients can access personalized one-on-one care with an online doctor through a video consultation. Each online doctor can quickly access your medical concern and provide the recommended treatment plan through a safe and secure telemedicine platform.

Using Ascension Online Care’s telemedicine is easy. Download the mobile app, create an account, set up your profile, answer a few health-related questions, and begin a video consultation with a doctor. Some of the conditions and symptoms facilitated through the platform include UTIs, seasonal allergies, fever, colds and flu, sore throat, rashes, eye infections, sinuses, and respiratory infections.

If you require a prescription, you can request delivery to your preferred pharmacy. To do this, add the details of the pharmacy when you’re registering for an online visit.

Although Apple Health integration is optional, you can share important health data through Ascension Online Care with your healthcare provider during the video visit. Optional data from Apple Health, such as heart rate, weight, blood pressure, and body temperature, can help doctors provide a more accurate diagnosis.


Indiana University Health Virtual Visits

Indiana University Health Logo
Pricing Information isn’t available.

If you’re residing in Indiana, you can seek medical assistance with an Indiana University Health provider through online live video visits using I.U. Health Virtual Visits mobile app. This telemedicine platform is a secure and safe alternative that works with patients’ busy schedules. Patients can communicate with their online doctor via live video and receive proper diagnosis and guidelines for treatment.

I.U. Health Virtual Visits can treat a diverse range of medical conditions, including rashes, hives, pink eye, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, colds and flu, and bronchitis. Besides that, doctors also cater to patients experiencing back pains, athletes’ feet, asthma, allergies, and acne.

Like other apps, I.U, Health Virtual Visits allows you to share health-related information from Apple Health and access with your provider during the video session. Hence, your provider has additional information for providing you with more accurate findings and instructions for your treatment.



My Virtual Health Visit Logo
$49 per visit

myVirtualHealthVisit has garnered many 5-star ratings for its high-quality and convenient healthcare service. It is used to diagnose and treat common conditions, such as back pain, skin disorders, UTIs, conjunctivitis, sinus infection, bronchitis, flu, and upper respiratory infections. 

Each video visit with myVirtualHealthVisit is safe and secure. Any data you’ve provided when registering, such as credit card information, and personal health, is treated as highly confidential. For iOS users, myVirtualHealthVisit is integrated with Apple Health. That said, you can share any health information, including respiratory rate, nutritional information, blood pressure, and heart rate, with your assigned online doctor during your video appointment.

Aside from on-demand urgent care services from myVirtualHealthVisit, this telemedicine company offers scheduled appointments with a physician in one of Suburban Health Organization’s healthcare facilities when you need it. Regardless of where you’re residing in Indiana, myVirtualHealthVisit has partnered with many hospitals, such as Riverview Health, Johnson Memorial Health, Goshen Health, Marion General Hospital, Hendricks Regional Health, and Witham Health Services, to advocate efficient and high-quality patient access in the communities they serve.



Solv Logo

Solv offers telemedicine services to help you connect with your urgent care provider. It’s a simple and straightforward telemedicine app that lets you instantly book an appointment from your smartphones. All you have to do is download Solv mobile app, enter your symptoms, choose a schedule, and select an urgent care physician/telemedicine provider. Easily rebook or reschedule appointments with your previous online physician in a few taps on the app.

With Solv, you can receive a cost estimate for your video visit. Speaking of payment options, Solv covers most major insurance plans, such as United Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, USAA, and Aetna. The app is also integrated with features to help you understand your insurance terms and plan benefits. That said, you can view your co-insurance, deductible, and copay, so you’ll know how much you’re paying for your visit. Aside from that, you can uncover hidden plan perks like gym memberships. Solv also allows you to keep an online copy of your insurance card for easier access. Through the Solv mobile app, you can track your progress toward meeting deductibles and how far you are from hitting the out-of-pocket maximum. 

This telemedicine app also keeps track of your prescriptions. Hence, it’s an all-in-one solution for all your telemedicine needs.


Horizon Blue

Horizon Logo
Depending on the health plan coverage

Another telemedicine app that you can use if you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan holder is Horizon Blue. However, this only applies if you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey plan holder. With Horizon Blue, you can have quick and easy access to your insurance information and its telemedicine service.

Some of the member services you can access through the app includes video visits, chat for care, and scheduling an appointment. You can easily access the Horizon CareOnline 24/7 from your smartphone if you want to have a video call with an online doctor. Aside from that, you can also use the chat feature 24/7 for inquiries and questions.

Horizon Blue’s My Account section lets you view and print all your I.D. cards, check claims status, access your benefits and coverages, and billing details.

Horizon Blue is also integrated with a Doctor and Hospital Finder. That said, you can easily navigate to the nearest hospital when needed. Through Doctor Finder, you can see doctors’ specialty, name, address, and availability. With this feature, you can tap to call them or make an appointment. It is also integrated with a map to help you get directions.



Klara Logo
Pricing Information isn’t available.

Like Medici and Doximity, Klara is another telemedicine app for providers and patients. It’s one of the convenient telemedicine services that doesn’t require any credentials or downloading of the app to get help. With numerous 5-star ratings, many Klara users have commended its efficiency as a patient engagement and communication tool.

For providers and physicians, you need a registered Klara account to use the platform. With Klara, online physicians can conduct secure video visits and messages with their patients. Aside from that, they can communicate directly with colleagues, external providers, and team members. This telemedicine app is compliant with HIPAA’s rules and policies; hence, it’s a secure platform for sharing eForms, photos, documents, and messages. Through the Klara mobile app, online doctors can respond to website inquiries, voicemails, and instant messages in a more streamlined method. Aside from the basic features, online physicians can also send treatment plans to their patients, test and lab results, and prescriptions for medications using Klara.

For patients, you can immediately access Klara’s telemedicine service by navigating to and input your contact number. Before anything else, your online doctor must also use Klara to access its service. If not, you can recommend this app for a more accessible healthcare service. 

Available: App Store


ohMD Logo
Basic: Free | Plus: $7 per user per month | Reach: Contact OhMD via Talk To An Expert

If you aren’t comfortable with video visits, OhMD is one of the perfect telemedicine solutions for you. OhMD’s only form of patient communication and clinic coordination is through texting. Hence, OhMD is a straightforward HIPAA-compliant texting service and telemedicine platform that lets doctors securely text with patients, care teams, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Instant messaging through OhMD enables doctors to save time throughout their hectic schedules, reducing voicemails and phone tags, and improving care coordination.

For doctors, you and other members of your care team should download and install the OhMD mobile app. Once you’ve set up everything, you can easily text them using OhMD. If you want OhMD as the primary form of communication in your organization, this telemedicine company features numerous flexible tools and integrations, such as broadcasting messages, appointment reminders, message routing, and setting up care teams.

With OhMD’s mobile app, patients can easily ask about medication or specific symptoms to their online doctors. No need for any scheduled appointments and video visits; hence, everything is done through instant messaging. Download and register an account with OhMD, find your provider on the list, and send them an instant message.


Kareo Telehealth

Kareo Telehealth Logo
Kareo Telehealth Subscription: $50 per month

Do you find it unnecessary to download and install apps for your telemedicine needs? Kareo Telehealth is your excellent alternative. It is an all-in-one clinical care and medical practice management solution that has simplified telehealth procedures for many healthcare providers.

With Kareo Telehealth, online doctors can easily provide personalized care by helping them comply with treatment plans, engage in lifestyle coaching, and manage their medications effectively. This telemedicine platform features scheduling flexibility, allowing patients and doctors to conduct video visits anytime, anywhere without staff overhead and incurring offices.

Although it’s more of a physician-centered service, Kareo Telehealth provides patients with the opportunity to request online appointments at their convenience.

Available only through the web version


TigerConnect Logo
Services start at $10 per month.

TigerConnect is another secure healthcare collaboration platform that streamlines clinical systems, coordination, and workflow. This platform helps doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers to collaborate and communicate effectively, improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and boost productivity in their medical practice.

With a secure, HITRUST-certified, and encrypted platform, TigerConnect decreases patient waiting times, reduces medical errors, and improves care team job satisfaction. Aside from that, this telemedicine app is integrated with hospital systems, including nurse calls/patient alarms and alerts, lab systems, electronic health records, and paging & answering service.

Through its secure messaging features, healthcare providers can create group conversations, push notifications, multiple inboxes, message broadcasts, and secure texts.

TigerConnect’s additional capabilities include priority messaging, voice & video calling, auto-forwarding, message routing, and communicating with external users. Although it’s primarily for healthcare collaboration within the hospital and other healthcare facilities, doctors can text their patients using TigerConnect.


Chiron Health

Chiron Health Logo
Insurance is accepted; Independent: $150 per month | Enterprise: Contact Chiron Health to request a quote

Chiron Health has received outstanding ratings from the App Store, making it one of the best telemedicine solutions with a user-friendly interface. Patients can book an appointment with an online doctor within 15 minutes using the Chiron Health mobile app. They have to download and install the app, choose a schedule, provide personal and health information, and join the video visit.

If you’re planning to avail Chiron Health, here are some of the services they offer:

  • Prescription Refills
  • General Health Questions
  • Routine Follow-Ups
  • Acute and Chronic Illnesses Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Medication Adjustments
  • Minor Urgent Care
  • Imaging and Lab Testing Results
  • Skin Problems Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Sports Injuries Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • New Parenting Advice

In most cases, a video visit with an online doctor at Chiron Health costs the same as in-person consultations. Patients can either pay using their health insurance plan or self-paying through cash. Regardless, you’re going to receive high-quality service at your convenience.


Dorsal Health

Dorsal Logo
Bimonthly Plan: $39 per month | Monthly Plan: $59 per month

Dorsal is a unique telemedicine service exclusively for physical therapy-related needs. If you’re experiencing back pain and need holistic and expert treatment without leaving home, Dorsal is your best telemedicine service from this list.

This telemedicine platform offers 15 FDA-approved prescription medications, such as TCAs, SNRIs, anticonvulsants, oral and topical NSAIDs, steroid dose packs, and muscle relaxers. Aside from medications, Dorsal also facilitates evidence-based behavioral coaching and personalized 10-week physical therapy programs. Every patient has different back pains; hence, all Dorsal treatment regimens already include a comprehensive consultation with a board-certified physician. Dorsal’s medical team comprises experts on musculoskeletal care with specialties in orthopedics, pain management, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dorsal’s telemedicine service is completed in three simple procedures. Schedule an online visit to discuss your medical history and symptoms, receive the necessary treatment plan with prescriptions at home, and enjoy on-going support with your doctor. Although you can purchase medicines through your preferred pharmacy, Dorsal pharmacy offers special discounts and benefits. You can also enjoy free delivery of your medications when you’ve purchased them through Dorsal’s pharmacy.

Dorsal’s service doesn’t accept insurance; however, you can pay with HSA/FSA as an option.

Available via Web Version only


Baycare Logo
$59 per visit

Another highly-rated telemedicine service is BayCareAnywhere. If you don’t have any insurance and require a doctor’s assistance without driving to the clinic, you can avail BayCareAnywhere’s service with a pay-per-visit scheme.

With BayCareAnywhere’s mobile app, you can download and create an account, choose an available physician, and begin your video visit within a few minutes. Some of the common conditions treated by BayCareAnywhere’s board-certified physicians include allergies, sore throat, colds and flu, cough, conjunctivitis, and sinus infection.

If your online doctor decides that you require an in-person consultation, you can print the patient summary from the app and bring it with you when you visit any BayCare Urgent Care Center to enjoy a $59 discount off your visit.

BayCareAnywhere can also integrate with Apple Health for sharing health information—such as respiratory rate, body temperature, weight, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure—with your physician during the virtual consultation.


Nemours CareConnect

Nemours Logo
Insurance is accepted; Without Insurance: $59 per video visit.

Nemours CareConnect offers parents a telemedicine solution for their children. The app brings Nemours pediatric care to parents and their children through live video visits on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

With Nemours CareConnect, parents don’t need to book an appointment with a board-certified pediatrician to avail of its 24/7/365 telemedicine service. It’s a safe, private, and secure HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform; hence, no need to worry about attending a video visit with your children.

Parents can seek medical attention through Nemours CareConnect if their children have conjunctivitis, sinus infections, colds, flu, fever, and respiratory infections.



Avera Logo
Insurance is accepted; Pricing information isn’t displayed; however, you can request an estimate here.

Avera’s free mobile app provides you with quick and easy access to connect with an online doctor through video visits. Whether you’re an Avera patient or not, this telemedicine platform offers modern healthcare solutions in the comforts of home.

AveraNow features a live video visit between patients and their online healthcare provider. With AveraNow, patients can seek medical help regarding urgent care conditions and symptoms, including conjunctivitis, UTI, sore throat, diarrhea, rashes, fever, sinus infections, and vomiting.

If you’re new, create an account with AveraNow through its website. Once completed, you can use AveraNow on your mobile using your username and password. 

For payments, major insurance plans are accepted at AveraNow. Aside from that, you can pay using your credit card for your medical consultation.

Like other apps, AveraNow supports Apple Health integration for a more accurate diagnosis.


Baptist Health Care On Demand

Baptist Health Care On Demand Logo
Insurance is accepted; $59 per visit or less, depending on the insurance provider.

Baptist Health Care On Demand delivers urgent virtual access to board-certified physicians 24/7. Hence, it’s an excellent alternative to traditional in-person visits to the doctor. Through Baptist Health Care On Demand, you can receive non-urgent care for a diverse range of medical conditions, such as yeast infections, minor burns/lacerations, UTIs, pink eye, and cold/flu/fever. Aside from urgent care, Baptist Health Care On Demand can also cater to patients requiring mental health counseling and psychiatry service.

Through this telemedicine app, you can immediately participate in a live video visit with an online doctor since you don’t need an appointment to avail the service. Simply download and enroll your account, choose a healthcare provider, and receive treatment. If you have any prescribed medications, your doctor can send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

A noteworthy feature of Baptist Health Care On Demand is its availability in the Spanish language. Hence, it’s a great option for non-English speakers who can understand the Spanish dialect.



KidzDocNow Logo
$49 per video visit

Launched by Pediatrics Associate, KidzDocNow is a telehealth platform for kids to receive care through video conferencing from home. It’s a 5-star HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app for getting medical care for your children, treating a variety of common conditions, such as diaper rash, head lice, thrush, diarrhea, constipation, and pink eye. Parents can also access the app for concerns about newborns and feeding/lactation issues. 

Through KidzDocNow, board-certified Pediatric Associates, pediatricians can easily access a child’s medical condition and symptoms and provide treatment plans via video visit on Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and weekends from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The telemedicine service is expected to expand to 24/7 coverage.

If applicable, online pediatricians can also prescribe medication and recommend follow-ups through KidzDocNow.


MedStar eVisit 

MedStarHealth Logo
Insurance is accepted; $49 per MedStar eVisit consultations

MedStar eVisit’s board-certified online medical team is available 24/7 to provide you with telemedicine solutions in the comforts of home. Through MedStar eVisit, you can seek medical attention with an online physician for less than $50. Your healthcare provider consults you and diagnoses your medical condition. Once done, they provide an appropriate treatment plan and prescribe any medication, if necessary.

MedStar eVisit doesn’t require an appointment. Download the app, create your account, and connect with a board-certified healthcare provider within a few minutes. Some of the conditions treated via MedStar eVisit’s telemedicine platform include gout flare-up, yeast infection, UTI, minor cuts, rashes, conjunctivitis, allergies, and cold/mild flu.

On the contrary, MedStar eVisit isn’t a suitable platform for medical conditions requiring in-person testing, prescription refills for controlled substances, and severe flu symptoms for patients under two and over 65 years of age.


Cleveland Clinic Express Care

My Cleveland Clinic Logo
Insurance is accepted; Without Insurance: $55 per virtual visit.

Cleveland Clinic Express Care provides patients with 24/7 access to online doctors and primary care physicians for telemedicine service. With a HIPAA-compliant platform, all video visits conducted by Cleveland Clinic Express Care are confidential and secure. The app offers a video visit service for diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medications for patients.

No appointment is required for your video visit. You can immediately connect to a healthcare provider once you’ve signed up and downloaded the mobile app. This telemedicine service from Cleveland Clinic treats various medical conditions, including rashes, conjunctivitis, allergies, sinus infections, and colds.

If you’re an Apple user, you can integrate Apple Health for sharing vital information, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and body temperature.