The 10 Best Telehealth Eye Exam Services in 2023

Our eyes are among the most important sensory organs in our body! We rely heavily on our eyes for most of the information we take in, and we are not keen on our eye health. Having poor eyesight would drastically limit our ability to perform our daily tasks. Caring for our eyes should be on top of our priority for our overall health. Failing to care for or neglecting our eyes may lead to many vision problems, even more so for adults.

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Among the most common vision problems that affect adults are blurred vision or refractive errors, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy. Meanwhile, crossed eyes or strabismus and lazy eye or amblyopia are among the most common vision problems that affect children. Blurred vision, on the other hand, may affect both adults and children. 

But why should we depend on having cures or treatment plans where we can easily prevent these problems? 

Importance of Eye Care

Healthcare professionals never fail to remind us to take care of our bodies. They are adamant that we eat healthily, we have regular exercise, and avoid smoking. These are the same eye care tips that our eye care professionals promote and tips that target our eye health. 

Give your eyes time to rest. 

As we navigate the fast-paced and technology-dependent world, we often forget to rest our eyes. We spent the entire day at our desks and glued to every gadget we can get our hands-on. Yes, we have given in to the fad of wearing protective glasses or anti-radiation glasses, but this is far from enough. In fact, according to an American Academy of Ophthalmology report, buying special eyewear for computer use is an unnecessary expense. There neither evidence nor data proving that anti-blue light glasses help, and the eyewear may cause potential eye damage.

Among the many ways, you can protect your eyes is by getting eye tests and exams. Seeing an eye care professional regularly is the best preventive maintenance you can do for your eyes.

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Eye Test and Exams

We all need to submit ourselves to routine eye exams to get our eyesight tested to check if we are experiencing vision and eye problems. Vision screening is usually done in school for children by booking an appointment with a health care provider. For adults, however, it is suggested that you get a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

A comprehensive dilated eye exam is important because when you are already in your late 40s or 50s, some eye diseases may not show warning signs. This means that they are often hard to detect, and when detected, are already in an advanced stage. Treatment may not always be available at this point, and you may experience vision impairment, worse, vision loss. Getting regular eye tests and exams will drastically aid in early detection and vision problems are easier to treat.

Eye Care Providers

First off, the type of examination or check-up you will receive depends on which eye care expert you go to. Eye care providers (ECPs)  include ophthalmologists, optometrists, or opticians.

An ophthalmologist – Eye M.D. – is a medical doctor who specializes in eye care. With their extensive training and at least eight years of medical training, they are licensed to diagnose, treat, cure, and perform eye surgeries to correct vision problems. Some Eye M.D.s train and study in a specialized area of medical or surgical eye care or a subspecialist. A subspecialist can complete two years of additional training in subspecialty areas, including retina, cornea, glaucoma, pediatrics, and neurology. This prepares ophthalmologists to cater to more complex or specific conditions of their patients.  

Optometrists, on the other hand, are healthcare professionals who provide primary vision care. They may be holders of a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree, but they are not categorized as medical doctors. Instead, they are licensed to practice optometry, which deals with performing vision tests and eye exams. They also write prescription lenses, detect abnormalities in your eyes, and prescription medication for certain eye diseases.

Lastly, opticians. Opticians are technicians trained in designing, verifying, and fitting prescribed lenses and frames based on the prescription from an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. They are not permitted to test vision, treat or diagnose eye diseases, but rather aid the ophthalmologist or optometrist in using devices used in correcting vision.

Whether you are going to the ophthalmologist or optometrist, both would ask about your medical history. These questions would be about the medications you are currently using or experiencing any discomfort or unnatural feeling. Using various tools and equipment, the eye specialist would measure your visual acuity to check if you require prescription glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. They would also examine your eyes by measuring your eye pressure and would use various lights to evaluate each eye. 


These types of tests require you to go to a clinic and be near another person, not to mention all the patients and staff. The pandemic has proved that this is not just a challenge. Having an in-office eye exam is no longer feasible. 

We are still lucky to be in the time when the healthcare industry already has a workaround on this, way before this pandemic. Just like an e-commerce platform where we can do our shopping, e-classrooms where we can take our classes, we already have a virtual alternative to seeing our doctors, including our eye care provider.

Telemedicine has been around since the 50s. This is not new. But with the rise of broadband infrastructures, connecting patients to doctors without being in the same room has now become a part of our daily lives. Though this practice started to cater to those who receive very limited medical care due to their location, the service has expanded to all.

Anyone who could not make it to a doctor’s clinic, whether it is because of traffic, a busy schedule, or a missed appointment, takes advantage of telemedicine. Of course, now that we cannot freely move around due to the quarantine, there has been a dramatic trend in telehealth utilization in the country.

A doctor’s appointment can now be done with telehealth options through different video conferencing apps or a simple phone call. Medical experts have direct access to their patients’ records as clinics across the country move to digitized record keeping.


The eye care industry has also found innovation to make ocular, vision care, and solutions remain available, albeit remotely. Telehealth eye exams or tele-optometry are have seen an uptick in utilization as everyone finds ways to have their eyes checked. With this technology, you can have your routine eye exam or a comprehensive eye exam in the comfort of your home. Plus, you will have unimpaired access to your eye doctor.

For the eye exam, just like being physically present in the clinic, your ECP will still ask for your medical history now with the aid of a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer and a video conferencing software. Your doctor can give you an accurate eye examination and assessment, all while staying on the other side of your screen. This makes eye exams more convenient and cost-effective.

Yes, there are limitations to telehealth eye exams. Some tests require special equipment that is impossible to conduct while videoconferencing. Your ECP will make sure that you receive the necessary care immediately. 

Of course, clinics will adapt to this change and have different methods or approaches for conducting their eye exams. Eye care providers are driven by one purpose: keeping your eyes healthy and giving you the eye care you deserve. 

With more advances in telehealth and tele-optometry, virtual eye exams will become more sophisticated. There is a future where in-office eye exams and consultations will be rendered obsolete.

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Here are the top 10 telehealth eye exams that can conduct your eye exam right on your couch. 


EyeCare Live Logo
Insurance Accepted; consultation starts at $29

EyecareLive delivers expert and personalized eye care services online without the need for in-person doctor consultation. It is a digital vision care platform committed to impacting the vision care industry by going digital. A true leader in digital transformation, EyecareLive partners with Fortune 500 companies to revolutionize eye care for everyone. Apart from offering eye care services, EyecareLive provides a single platform that can easily be integrated into any eye care clinic. Through this seamless process, the doctor-patient relationship is strengthened. And with the use of innovative technologies, outcomes in the industry are more efficient and improved.

EyecareLive is on a mission to make eye care not only simple but also convenient. By connecting you to the closest eye doctor in your area, you will get the best professional care. Be it dry eye, pink eye, contact lens prescription, LASIK surgery consultation, or a second opinion. You can get a virtual eye to consult via video call within the hour.

At EyecareLive, you will get an accurate diagnosis of your eye condition because you will be evaluated by an eye care professional. With an extensive network of experienced and licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists, you can have your virtual evaluation at your convenience. You need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a working camera and microphone to begin your virtual visit. You do not need Wi-Fi, but EyecareLive recommends having a Wi-Fi connection for optimal connectivity.

Eyecare is only a click away at only $29 per visit, which can be paid with a credit card of FSA or HAS cards. Sign up on their website or download the app to receive expert eye care that is personalized for you.

Download App for Android or iOS.
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Silicon Valley Eye Physicians

Silicon Valley Logo
Accepts Vision and Medical Plans; telehealth consult done through EyecareLive is not contracted with insurance, $49 fee per consult

A leading vision care provider in California and beyond, Silicon Valley Eye Physicians has been serving the community for more than 60 years. Doctors here can help you restore health and function to your eyes. You will get customized and comprehensive eye care treatment from industry experts and practitioners. Every physician at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is a member of The American Academy of Ophthalmology, The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, The Cornea Society, and The California Optometric Association.

At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, you will get the optometry care that you deserve. Using only the latest technology in eye care, you will get accurate diagnoses and treatment plans to treat your eye disorders. Along with superior customer service and aftercare, you can rest easy, especially now that Silicon Valley Eye Physicians now offers Telehealth service.

Silicon Valley Eye Physicians use the EyecareLive app to connect you with their team of doctors. Eye physicians are more than happy to conduct eye examinations and make diagnoses over the phone. This service began at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as a response to the call of their patients needing eye and vision care. With Silicon Valley Eye Physicians’ well-trained and experienced doctors plus the reliable app, you are in the most capable hands. 

Consult remotely for common eye conditions, and if your doctor determines that you need in-person evaluation, they will make an appointment for you. At $49, you will get the best eye care without worrying about the bill. Silicon Valley Physicians accepts vision and medical plans and offers CareCredit with low monthly payments so you can fit the fees into your monthly budget.

Download App for Android or iOS.
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Atlantic Eye Institute

Atlantic Eye Institute Logo
Accepts insurance and co-pay, but Medicare does not cover routine eye exam and eye refraction; consultation fee is not provided on the website

Since its founding in 2000, Atlantic Eye Institute has provided each patient with affordable, effective, and personalized care for their eye care needs. You get the best and most comprehensive eye care in Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. You can find Atlantic Eye Institute are in four convenient locations, each having its own on-site optical and trained opticians to assist you. Besides ensuring that you get the glasses that meet your needs and lifestyle, it offers routine eye exams or solutions to your eye problem. 

Atlantic Eye Institute specializes in LASIK surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, retina care, premium cataract surgery, and advanced glaucoma treatments. Here, you will get eye care for every stage of your life. 

Every doctor who joins the Atlantic Eye Institute is board certified in their specialization and driven with a passion for the vision. Ophthalmologists and optometrists in all four locations are on call 24/7. Your doctor can provide you with an accurate diagnosis, as well as a medical and surgical treatment plan for various ocular and refractive problems. Now, you can even have your virtual eye exams through their Telehealth option. 

Online appointment is a secure way for you to connect with your doctor. Do you need to get a new pair of glasses, adjust your prescription, or get a surgery appointment? Your eyes will be in the hands of an experienced and passionate team of doctors. You can all these remotely and in the comfort of your home. 

To request a virtual eye exam, you can either call Atlantic Eye Institute at (904) 241-7865 or fill out the online form. A staff You will contact you to schedule your online appointment. You will get an email with instructions for you to download and sign in to the PocketPatient app. Your doctor will join you in a video call on the app on the day of your virtual eye exam.

Await email with instructions to download PocketPatient App.
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Visibly Logo
Accepts HSA and FSA; $35 per consult; $25 for prescription renewal

Visibly is the first online vision test that, arguably, revolutionized the eye care and vision industry. Patients can get prescription glasses or contact lenses through the online vision test, which made the process easy, convenient, and fast. You can take the test from anywhere, at any time. You will then receive your prescription from board-certified doctors and Visibly affiliates within 48 hours. 

It manufactures and distributes the Visibly Digital Acuity Product, an advanced eye care telehealth technology that eliminates the need for an in-person appointment. Visibly connects consumers to a network of licensed eye care professionals (ECP) to perform a vision test. The technology can be accessed online anywhere, whether from your home or office or in a retail setting. You can get your eyes checked in 5 minutes!

At $35, Visibly offers affordable, convenient vision prescriptions through a safe and remote option. Through the tech, your eyes can stay healthy, and you can see clearly without worrying much about cost, time, and hassle.

Easy-to-use and accessible, the technology results in a valid prescription signed by a licensed ECP. You can purchase corrective eyewear or contacts from any eyewear retailer without question or lapse in service. We see it best to put a crucial caveat to this. Visibly Online Refractive Vision Test has not been approved by the FDA. It is your responsibility as a patient to provide accurate information and medical history so your eye care provider can better assess your needs.  

To make the technology more accessible, Visibly offered the tech to all doctors and service providers for free during the global pandemic.

Create your Visibly account here or renew your prescription here.
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eyecare center

Eye Care Center Logo
Insurance accepted; consultation fee is not provided on the website

At the eye care center, you can trust that your doctor will be focused on you. With highly trained doctors to address your specific needs, you will get the quality care you deserve. eyecarecenter is committed to offering its patients the latest innovation and best technologies in the eye and vision care industry. Doctors take the time to thoroughly complete the exam and answer every question you may have regarding eye health.

Prescription glasses from eyecarecenter are customized and optimized exclusively for your needs. Your lenses are produced out of eyecarecenter‘s private lens laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment to make the highest quality lenses for your glasses. Besides prescribing glasses and contact lenses, doctors also offer eye examinations, diagnose eye conditions, treat and manage different eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. 

eyecarecenter doctors continue to provide a high level of vision care to patients, both old and new, while keeping you and the community safe. Telehealth services are now available for a list of conditions of the eye. Through the telehealth visit, you will get the consultation you need from your eye doctor via your smartphone. And they bill your insurance for the visit – just like an in-person consultation.

Routine and preventive eye care and treatment are very important, as many eye conditions do not show symptoms before they become serious. By calling (844) 393-2422, your optometrist can determine if you may be available for a telehealth visit. For medical eye emergency, you can get eyecarecenter doctors are available to serve you from the comforts of your home.

Over the phone, the staff will get your name and a description of your condition and your insurance condition.

Go directly to the eyecarecenter website for more details. Download this visual acuity chart before your telehealth visit. Find your eyecarecenter location here.
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20/20 Now

2020 NOW Logo
Insurance accepted; $60 comprehensive eye exam fee

Brick-and-mortar optical stores and eye care providers with limited availability make access to eye care services and solutions restrained. Moreover, eye exams can only be done when the doctor adds another hurdle to getting medical attention every person deserves. This is where 20/20 Now derives its mission – to make eye care, especially eye exams, available to you no matter the time of day. 

20/20 Now, through its state-of-the-art Ocular Tele-optometry solution, you can have your non-dilated comprehensive eye exams, even when the doctor is out. Its Ocular Tele-optometry solution is a patented technology that provides thorough and accurate results. In 30 minutes or less, you get an accurate, comprehensive eye exam in the comforts of your own home. You can schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for you and not according to your doctor’s availability. 

The first step to getting your comprehensive eye exam is by electronically completing a questionnaire. This will allow your eye care provider (ECP) to assess your medical history and build your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Next is for an on-site optical assistant will gather an objective baseline for your prescription or the visual pre-testing step. Your ECP will use an autorefractor and autokeratometer for this process to get accurate results. If you have glasses, your prescription will be read using an auto-lensometer. The results from your visual pre-testing are transmitted to a remote Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT). Using 20/20 Now’s a unique technology, the COT performs subjective refraction and clinical vision analysis. This stage, visual acuity testing, is done in real-time via H.D. video conferencing. 

20/20 Now’s patented, and FDA-approved algorithms are used to arrive at the best and precise prescription, optimized for the patient’s comfort and vision. All data and medical history are transferred to a licensed optometrist for review and finalize your prescription and recommend a personalized eye care treatment plan through a secure channel. 

Call (844) 843-2020 or email to request a demo.
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Digital Optometrics Logo
Insurance Accepted; no fixed fee for a comprehensive eye exam

DigitalOptometrics answered the call to innovate how eye care solutions are delivered to patients and consumers. It is a technology company that has developed optical software to address access to a comprehensive eye examination. 

Using DigitalOptometrics technology, patients receive comprehensive exams performed by a licensed and experienced optometrist from a remote location. This involves using a live remote video conference and remote optical equipment operation between the eye care provider and the patient. Now, patients do are not required to book an appointment for an eye exam. You will get the same service at an unrivaled value and convenience. Plus, doctors will be available to accommodate you beyond the hours of a traditional eye clinic.

Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics utilizes advanced technology to deliver accurate and convenient comprehensive eye exam in 30 minutes or less, even without an appointment. Because a licensed optometrist administers it, you will get a complete eye health examination and subjective findings. You will get an accurate prescription to be issued within minutes from the completion of your eye exam. This will allow you a quick and easy purchase of your glasses or contact lenses. 

At no fixed cost, you will only pay for the service you availed. Plus, DigitalOptometrics and its partners accept insurance, medicare, and vision plans making the cost of an eye exam less overwhelming.  

Click here to schedule an eye exam.
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OmniVision Eye Associates

OmniVision Logo
Accepts several medical plans, offers CareCredit, and vision plans; eye exam fee is not provided on the website

OmniVision Eye Associates boasts its modern, stylish, and patient-focused practice. You are sure to have access to the latest and largest line of optical accessories from leading designer brands. There is no question why OmniVision Eye Associates is a go-to optical and eye care provider in Connecticut and beyond. If you are wearing contact lenses, you do not need an in-person consultation to get a perfect fit. All the latest contact lenses and fitted virtually, even for patients with dry eyes or astigmatism.

The patient-focused approach allows optometrists at OmniVision Eye Associates to spend the necessary time needed to assess each patient’s overall eye health without sacrificing lifestyle. Your optometrist will understand your needs and give you the advice that will best keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Now, OmniVision Eye Associates offer tele-optometry for a wide range of problems and treatments for your vision and ocular health. With the use of medical equipment and telecommunications technology, you can get a comprehensive exam online and use your smartphones, tablets, or your desktop. You can receive screening, diagnoses, and your prescription from the comfort and safety of your home.

OmniVision Eye Associates can provide virtual medical eye consultations for eye problems, including eye infections, eye pain, redness, itchy eyes and allergies, scratched eyes, flashers, and floaters, blurred or double vision, distorted vision, and dry eye syndrome. Tele-optometric visit also includes general consultations, new prescriptions, prescription refills, and refractive surgery follow-ups. Use a strong internet connection for a secure and high-definition video call. And with insurance, your tele-optometric visit will be covered.

Click here to schedule an appointment,
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 Houston Eye Associates (HEA) 

Houston Eye Associates Logo
Insurance accepted; eye exam fee is not provided on the website

Houston Eye Associates (HEA) is Texas’ largest ophthalmology clinic is composed of 56 board-certified ophthalmologists equipped with advanced specialty and fellowship training in each of their respective specialties. HEA has maintained 17 optometrists to service 20 locations.

Houston Eye Associates physicians are key persons in pioneering research and dedicate time and skills to the Houston Eye Associates Foundation. It is a non-profit foundation founded by the HEA to provide medical eye care services to the community’s vulnerable sector. This program is created to make eye care more accessible by providing financial assistance and offering medical treatment and eye surgery. 

At HEA, you can have any of the ophthalmological care you need, as well as treatment plans for specialties for every stage of your life. Every physician can perform routine eye examinations and is trained to cater to the patient’s special needs. Houston Eye Associates can help you with problems in your cornea, glaucoma, pediatrics, refractive or LASIK, retina, uveitis, oculoplastics, and neuro-ophthalmology. This only proves why HEA is a trusted eye care provider in Texas.

Now you can have your telehealth virtual appointments via your phone, tablet, or computer. You will have the same care and service in a virtual visit as you expect from an in-person appointment. 

HEA assures you that you can use your insurance or self-pay with an online eye exam. If you are experiencing acute red eye, allergic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, subconjunctivitis hemorrhages, or other eye care emergencies, Houston Eye Associates can assess you via telehealth. Once you have your schedule, you will receive a pre-screening call from HEA so you can be safely connected to your doctor.

Book an appointment online or call 713.668.6828 for a telehealth visit
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Garbig Family Eye Care 

Garbig Family Logo
Insurance accepted, medicare and vision plans; eye exam fee is not provided on the website

Owned and operated by two of Wilder’s beloved eye care providers, Garbig Family Eye Care will welcome you and care for your every ocular and vision needs. Spouses and board-certified and licensed optometrists Douglas Garbig, O.D. and Kris Kerestan Garbig, O.D. are only two of your highly-skilled and experienced team of ECPs. You can get your prescription, undergo corrective laser eye surgery, or get treatment for various eye diseases and conditions at Garbig Family Eye Care.

Here, you can get specialized eye care to address issues and conditions that affect your vision. As a family-run clinic, physicians here understand the impact that impaired vision can make in every patient’s life. Your doctor will take the necessary time to explain your condition and how your treatment plan will help you get back your eye health. You will also undergo monitoring and frequent eye exams to update your prescription and make sure you maintain good eye health.

Due to the pandemic and growing health concerns, Garbig Family Eye Care endeavored to make its services available to anyone who might need them despite the logistical challenges. Optometrists at Wilder now offers virtual visits to patients with essential or emergency eye care. 

Garbig Family Eye Care’s telehealth platform is HIPAA-compliant and is very easy to use. You can consult with your eye doctor regardless of where you may be, without the need for an in-office visit. If you require essential or emergency eye care, such as eye infection, scratched eye, blurred vision, itching eyes, stye, or loss of vision, among others, you may request for telehealth consultation. Of course, patients who need remote monitoring or conditions and follow up visits for eyewear prescription and post-op may also avail of a telehealth consultation.

To book a telehealth consultation at Garbig Family Eye Care, you may call them at 859-441-3400 or email at